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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

Decorating an ugly church :-(

Can anyone give me ideas on how to decorate this blah church? I thought of an aisle runner and some fabric at the altar, but it's going to take a LOT more than that! Any ideas are welcome - thanks!


Re: Decorating an ugly church :-(

  • cbmtcbmt member
    I wish I could be of help, I was about to post for ideas for decorating the church then I saw yours.  I was hoping to get ideas. 
  • First check with your church and make sure its ok to bring in decorations of your own, some churches have very strict rules about this.

    As far as decorating. definately the aisle runner. Incorporate some tulle or draped fabric into the alter area. I can't tell very well from these pictures is there room to put an arch? An arch or two columns one on either side of you would look nice. The columns can be decorated with a vine running up the column and a flower assortment sitting on top.

    You can't really tie anything onto those chairs from what I can tell otherwise, some pomanders would look nice tied onto the ends, but it doesn't look like thats very possible.
  • Something like this would be nice with the columns. You can do the arch w/them or just the one on both sides of the alter. And the great thing about these is that you can move them to your reception location for more decor there. behind the head table like this picture shows.
  • What about draping fabric from the ceiling to cover the music area? unless your using it. maybe cover the communion table, I like it, but covering it will dress it up. Lots of candles, if those are allowed. candles do a lot to prettify a space. chair sashes? line the aisles with candles, lots and lots of flowers.
  • I don't think the problem is that this church is "ugly" - I think it looks classy and simple, but it just needs a little reorganizing.

    The more stuff you drag into this church, the more attention you're going to call to everything. Unless you hire a professional draping company, I very much doubt that you're going to turn a simple church into some spectacular cathedral by hanging up fabric and stuff. People will know that it's a rather understated place, so I don't think there's much you can really do to hide that fact. Simplicity can be beautiful in itself ... but using a ton of decorations to try and turn it into something it's not is just going to make it look gaudy and sloppy.

    I would just have one or two fresh floral arrangements at the front, and perhaps put some small floral arrangements or pew bows on the first few rows of seats. Maybe sprinkle a few flower petals down the aisle if you are allowed to do so. And make sure the chairs are arranged in even rows ... if you can afford to rent nicer chairs (maybe the gold Chivari chairs or some classy and simple wooden folding chairs), that may help add some visual interest as well.

    If you're not using the choir space (?) in back of the altar, see if the microphones and music stands can be removed. Can that extension cord on the floor be placed out of sight? What's that black table-looking thing in the second photo? Can that be moved out of the way, and more chairs can be placed there to complete the rows?

    Concentrate on picking meaningful readings and songs, and people will be more focused on the beauty of the ceremony rather than staring at the walls. If you keep the ceremony heartfelt and interesting, people won't be gazing around out of boredom or disinterest, and you will deflect attention from the physical surroundings.

    And if you haven't hired a photographer yet, get the best one you can afford. Really do your research and pick a good one. Ask him/her to check out the church with you ahead of time and suggest some ways to make it more visually appealing ... they can also scope out places where they can position themselves to get the best photo angles during the ceremony. A photographer who really knows their stuff can make anything beautiful, whereas a bad photographer can make even the most beautiful, expensive ceremony venue look like crap.
  • If you're not using any of the music equipment, (check with the church first) move it out. That was our first step with all the equipment that was on our stage. Second, we draped the walls with white tableclothes and swagged white tulle hidden with fairy lights. I don't have a pic of the walls, but it looks like the dividers that were behind us during the ceremony.

    We added a white tablecloth to our communion table and placed a large CP on it. The vase, a really awesome thing, came from the Dollar Store! Then we splurged a little on flowers to make a really tall, nice CP. This may not work for you though if your pastor is standing at the pulpit. We also had the pulpit removed day of. If you can't do a tall CP, some smaller flower arrangements with votives (if candles are allowed) would be really pretty.

    Finally, not sure what your chairs are made out of, but we safety pinned tulle bows to every other chair (PIB).

    Honestly, keep it simple. Unless you're having a ridiculously long ceremony, you're literally only in their about an hour.

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