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Drinking at your wedding

Are you drinking on your wedding day? If so, how much and do you plan on stopping?

FI and I have discussed this at length. I want us to remember every moment that we can, so I have laid down a rule for the day. We can only have 2 drinks max. We don't drink liquor as it is, so thankfully that isn't an issue. If he wishes to get drunk, he can on any other day or during the HM...but for our wedding, he will be mainly sober. We are paying wayyy too much $$ for all of our pictures to be of a wasted bride/groom. 

I went to a wedding a few years ago where the bride and groom were absolutely hammered. They drank all morning/afternoon/evening, so much so that by the time they reached the reception they were puking all over the place. They never even made it to the cake cutting and the first dance ended up being a first sway. They just held onto each other and their drinks and stood in place awkwardly for a few minutes. They had to be escorted back to their hotel by family members. I saw how irate all of the guests were and the rest of the family was horrified by their actions.

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Re: Drinking at your wedding

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    Oh goodness haha

    I plan on having a couple drinks (and it'll help take the edge off for the speech to thank everyone - I don't like public speaking even if it's in front of a room full of family)

    I definitely (and FI) don't plan on getting wasted at our wedding. We both want to enjoy and savour every moment on that day so a couple drinks here and there won't affect us really.
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  • We will be drinking, however, we intend to do so with moderation, at least until the reception ends and we go to the hotel bar to continue the party. I'm pretty shy and I'm not a fan of being the center of attention (so the ceremony has me all kinds of freaked out), so I do plan on having a drink beforehand to help with the jitters. We're getting married outside though, and I don't want to end up all red-faced and sweaty looking in the pictures, and I know overdoing it with the booze will make it more likely that that will happen. I also plan on designating someone to make sure I'm eating and drinking water throughout the day as well, since I've heard too many stories of brides not having time to eat or just forgetting to because they're so busy and caught up in the goings-on.
  • We both plan on drinking but probably not a lot. I will probably have a drink while getting ready, and probably a couple drinks at the reception, we definitely dont plan on getting hammered.

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    I'm not a huge drinker which seems to be very strange for a 21 year old in college. I'm sure I'll have a couple drinks at the reception, but nothing too strong. FI drinks a lot more than I do so I'm guessing he'll have a few beers that night, but he knows it's not the day to put away too many.

    Most of my BP aren't huge drinkers. I don't think my brother has ever tried a drink in his life, and my MOH (FI's sister) won't be legal yet so I think I might get her sparkling grape juice for toasts. My dear brother will be happy as long as he can get all the Diet Coke he wants. :)
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  • I'll have a few drinks, but I know my limit and don't want to go too near it. FI's a big boy so he's deciding the # of drinks he'll have, but we've talked about it and neither of us wants to be schmammered at our wedding. 
  • We just talked about this the other day.  He will have a few drinks, but I told him if he is drunk it will ruin his wedding night ;-)

    I can't really handle much alcohol so I will probably only have 2-3 drinks over the course of the day.
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  • I plan on having some mimosa's the morning of as we are getting ready. I do NOT plan on being hammered at all. I just want to feel relaxed and have a good time. Not that you have to drink to have a good time, but you know what I mean. FI doesn't really drink too much around me. I'm sure he will have a few but I can only say i've ever seen him truely 'drunk' once. So I think it's safe to say he will respect our wedding day by being able to remember it and not be biligerant.
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  • I think I wont be drinking. If I do it will be 1.

  • I probably will only have 1 or 2 drinks. I told FI that I don't want him to get drunk but he is a big guy and can definately handle is alcohol so I'm not too worried.

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    [QUOTE]I'll have a few drinks, but I know my limit and don't want to go too near it. FI's a big boy so he's deciding the # of drinks he'll have, but we've talked about it and neither of us wants to be schmammered at our wedding. 
    Posted by Jaridds68[/QUOTE]

    This. We both enjoy our alcohol, but we don't drink often anymore and we want to remember our wedding day!

    Can't say the same for our guests though. Hehe. We have some big partiers and drinkers amongst our families and friends. We plan to host beer and wine and I know many guests will definitely be taking advantage of that! I have a lot of wine lovers in my family, and FI's family and friends are a bunch of self-proclaimed crazy rednecks from the country in Michigan who basically drink beer round the clock... so it should be a good time. :)
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  • Isn't it funny, I was just talking about this the other day too!  I plan on having a few drinks, at least one or two of our signature drink named for our pet name for each other "The Schmoopie" (any Seinfeld fans?), but I plan on drinking plenty of water in between.  FI doesn't drink, and I know he'll keep me in check.
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  • My FI and I aren't drinkers at all either.  Its my moms side we have to worry about.  Luckily the reception venue only serves beer and wine so I'm hoping that will keep the amount of alcohol consumed at a minimum.  My family gets crazy scary when they are wasted!! 

    That's not to say that I wont enjoy a glass of wine.  After all it is a celebration! 
  • The package deal we got includes champagne for the Bride and bridal party in the holding room that we get to get ready in. I'll have one to take off the edge, but that's it. I don't want to be tipsy during my ceremony. Neither FI or I are very big drinkers. We'll both drink throughout the night, but we wont get drunk during the reception. Since our reception is being held at a hotel, the same one with the rooms blocked off, afterwards we'll party and probably drink in the rooms with all our friends. But we don't intend to get drunk during the reception at all. 
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  • We plan on drinking at our wedding, but as PPs have said, not too much. We want to remember the day and night.
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  • We are drinking in moderation. Couple of glasses of champagne will be enough for me. He drinks heavier stuff but never gets ridiculously drunk. We plan on having fun and partying.
  • I plan on having a few during the day...but later in the night, I think it's ok to get a little typsy. After Grandma goes home. :)
  • I will probably be too busy to be drinking alot. I'm not too worried about it. My FI likes his beer but I'm hoping he will rein it in on our wedding day. We haven't discussed it yet but it will be a discussion in the near future.
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  • We keep joking we are going to get "sh**faced" but I know we won't.
    We know we won't have time to. haha.
    FI actually wants our accomodating hotel to have a bar in it after so we can relax and unwind.
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  • Just a little drnknh makes me sleepy!
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