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AW Wednesday!

Hey all!  Anything to AW?

FI got pre-approved for a mortgage and I'm excited to start looking at houses knowing what we can spend.  I wish my income had been included (with my "part-time" job substitute teaching, they won't include it), but it is what it is.  I found a house that our realtor friend is listing and I really LOVE it so hopefully we can check it out!

All's been quiet on the WR front.  I did get to meet up with two of my bridesmaids last weekend, which was nice!
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Re: AW Wednesday!

  • YAY! I am excited for you! :D

    My FI and I were up late last night brewing our wedding beer at a local brewery, Pizza Boy Brewing Company. Its a Triple beer thats going to be aged in apple brandy barrells with chocolate nibs. We are using the beer for our toast and serving it in beer glasses with our names and wedding date engraved ( we may add a qoute too, not sure yet). I am so pumped!! :D
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  • erbear - congrats on the house hunting. Very exciting!
    FMK - such a great, personalized idea for your wedding. Fun!

    My invitations and veil have both shipped and should arrive this week. I got my veil from seriously the nicest Etsy vendor I've ever worked with. My FI and I spent a few hours last weekend fine-tuning our guest list and getting addresses finalized for the calligrapher. My shower invitations are going out soon (I think), and I just got an email notice that our first registry gift is on its way from Crate & Barrel. So excited!

  • In Response to Re: AW Wednesday!:
    [QUOTE]YAY! I am excited for you! :D My FI and I were up late last night brewing our wedding beer at a local brewery, Pizza Boy Brewing Company. Its a Triple beer thats going to be aged in apple brandy barrells with chocolate nibs. We are using the beer for our toast and serving it in beer glasses with our names and wedding date engraved ( we may add a qoute too, not sure yet). I am so pumped!! :D
    Posted by FutureMrsKupko[/QUOTE]

    I think I saw them at the one bridal show in March!  One of my bridesmaid's family owns a winery so we'd do wine over beer but I wanted to buy FI a package to the beer making place because it's something he's always wanted to do.  He was even talking about that with his best man - when we own a house he wants to brew in the basement.  Haha.
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  • erbear- congrats on the house hunting! I had so much fun looking for a house and it was so exciting and a relief when we found ours. Good luck!
    FutureMrs - That is seriously such an awesome favor. So fun! Your guests are going to love it!!
    Britt- Sounds like a lot of great stuff is going on with you too! The guest list was/is the hardest thing for us. But I think it is completely finalized and fine tuned.

    We finished one of our wedding favors last night. We got frames for our photo booth and I printed out a label to put inside of them and place at each place setting. We addressed our invitations this week and we are planning on mailing them on Tuesday after the holiday. I'm so excited. It will start to feel unbelievably real once we start getting RSVPs back. We also ordered carved wooden hand fans that we are going to give out to the women at the ceremony since our church is not air-conditioned. 

    Right now, my biggest struggle is shoes. I want to wear red shoes and I bought a pair and took them to my first dress fitting which was last Thursday. As I was standing in them for the fitting, my toes went numb so I know I can't wear them the day of the wedding. I bought a back up pair of older heels that are a bit lower heel (more like 3-1/2") and got measured with those, so I have to find a new pair that is the same heel size. I think I found a pair, but they are $90, so I'm a little hesitant to spend that kind of money right now.

    And finally, I am starting to become a wedding registry stalker. My shower invites are out and people are starting to buy things on the registry and I cannot stop looking at them. Someone needs to change my passwords!

    Wow, this turned into a book! Hope everyone is having a great week!
  • Britt- that is awesome! can you send me the name of your Etsy vendor?

    Erbear-Thats awesome! my fiance already brews in our basement and in our front yard lol. You could always buy him a brew kit!

    Jmr- I love the photo booth idea!! And great idea with providing fans, I think that will look super classy! II would def go for comfort more than than style for shoes. The last thing you want is to think about your feet on your wedding day! :) Good luck with finding the right pair! :
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  • erbear-i second future mrs! my FI uses the Mr. Beer kit and has made a bunch of different kinds. we live in an apartment and there is plenty of space for it!

    Jmr- good luck with the shoes, i am trying to find a pair as well, my dress is supposed to ship next week! eek!

    speaking of shoes, i love love love these http://tinyurl.com/7nrbks2 which i got in the white and black, but my dress is "diamond white" so i just dont think they will go with the dress. I know an off color is ok but when its just a shade off it might bother me. i love too many colors so i am having a hard time deciding on what color to get...gold, purple, blue, hot pink... cant decide! gold and purple are our wedding colors and blue would be an obvious choice...anyways...

    we registered at macy's and target last week, had our engagement shoot with Randi Voss on sunday, and met with our caterer last week. it was a busy wedding week! it feels like it's still so far away but i know time will fly!

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  • Jam - yay for your dress coming in! That's an exciting time! I know how you feel about shoes being an off color. I pretty much have an exact vision of what shoes I want but I can't seem to find them.

    Are your colors more a royal purple or more lavender? If they are royal, I say go with purple. I love a pop of color from wedding shoes...hence why I am doing red! :-p
  • Mr. Beer, huh?  I know what he's getting for Xmas this year, haha. 

    What heel height are you ladies looking at?  FI and I are pretty much the same height and I'm having the hardest time finding royal blue shoes under 2 inches.  I have lots of time, though!  Shoes are my total weakness.  :)  Check out 6pm.com if you never have!  They sell loads of shoes (Nine West, Jessica Simpson, etc) at big discounts.
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  • i tried on 4.5 inch heels next to FI and i was just about his height, so that will be my max. i was thinking more in the 3-4 range just for comfort reasons though.

    our BM dresses are the alfred angelo eggplant (i wanted purple storm which is almost like a blacklight color, very bright and awesome, but i figured for a november wedding an eggplant/royal/plum would be a nice rich color for the season...and i think the BMs appreciated this choice haha). i also love a pop of color! which is why i dont really want to go with the glittery gold shoes that are all over the place right now. 

    i will check out 6pm.com, thanks! at this point ive been looking at zappos and endless.

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  • Yay for all of the fun WR and Non WR updates!

    FutureMrs- that sounds like such a cool idea. I have a friend getting married soon and her FIL makes wine so they are giving everyone half bottles of homemade wine. I wish we had a friend or family member who did something like this! A guy I know recently won the pilsner area of a local brewing contest and it's now being featured at Rock Bottom, I was considering asking him since we are bringing our own alcohol to the venue.

    And I feel all of your pain regarding the shoe shopping! I want something with a platform to provide more comfort, pink, but not hot pink nor pastel. So far anything I find that I like is 5" :(  My dress arrived at DB's today!! I have to have my Mom pick it up or else I'll be lounging on my couch with it collecting dog hair LOL

    We have a lot accomplished for being so far from our date so I'm tryyyying to reel back on the WR planning. I never thought I'd *want* to move to NJ so bad but being away from the FI is killing me. He drove in on Sunday and surprised me :) it was awesome but he had to leave Tuesday morning, is coming back this weekend, and then the next weekend. He flies for a living so all that travel is really rough for him. I applied to about 11 jobs on Friday. No call backs yet :(
    I finish my last class today until I find a school to transfer to. Excited for the break but not for the student loan bills I'll be receiving.
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  • Jam - I agree with you about the glittery gold shoes. They are everywhere now. Definitely purple!! I think it would look awesome! Especially with your diamond white dress!

    futurekehrs - check out these shoes. I love them and would definitely buy them if they were in red. They are like a raspberry pink color. I don't know if thats more the color you are looking for.

    That's so sweet that your FI surprised you! Good luck with the job hunt!

  • Thank you!
    Those shoes are great! Figures, I was just in DSW but I did not see them!! Good heel size and price!
    Thanks again
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