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String Quartet Triangle?

We're looking for a string quartet or trio for our duke gardens ceremony.  Any locals know of good & cheap people?  We're looking to ask college students.  The price quotes from a couple professionals were too high!! ($800!?!?? what)

Re: String Quartet Triangle?

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    My sister used a group out of Winston-Salem and they did an excellent job.  I'm going to contact them when I have a chance.  Just joined!  I'd consider using a trio (probably less $) unless it's just a really huge wedding.  Their trio was certainly loud enough for her outdoor ceremony.  I remember his name was Mark...we met with him and he did an excellent job arranging the music.  Can't remember the group name, but I bet their still on the Knot. I'll ask my sis.  I'd probably steer away from students as I doubt they have quite the experience for everything that needs to happen and when. The music was a little expensive, but you don't want an embarassment from something that is so obvious and important.  Good luck!  - Chase
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    If you find anything let me know!!! I'd super appreciate it.  I'll look around for them.  Good to know.  so far I've found a couple options. prices vary from $250 - 950.

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