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Father/Daughter dance songs - not close relationship

I need some help. My dad and I aren't close at all, but we don't hate each other or anything like that. All the typical father/daughter songs are the furthest thing from our relationship, and I would feel like it's a total sham to dance to those songs with him. I would skip the dance, but it would be devastating to my dad (and I have no reason to hurt his feelings).

Any suggestions for good songs to dance to that aren't really sappy "daddy's little girl" songs that reallllly don't suit our relationship? I'd let him pick, but that's the type of song he would choose and I'm just not interested in dancing with him to a song like that.

Here are the ideas that I had that are a little more general, but I'm looking for some more suggestions:
"In My Life" - the Beatles
"Lullabye" - Billy Joel (I really like this one but I'm pretty sure it was about a relationship and not a father/daughter song)

Re: Father/Daughter dance songs - not close relationship

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    Lee Ann Womack's I Hope You Dance is a song to her children, perfect for a father/daughter dance!
  • My father and I aren't close at all, but I'm like you, I don't have a cause to hurt his feelings now, just because things have been rocky before. One of the suggestions I got was "Daughters" by John Mayer. I'm not a big fan of his though. My legal name is not the same as the name I go by. I go by Beth, because Elizabeth is my middle name and my father was a huge KISS fan when I was born. I want "Beth" by Kiss to be played at one point during my wedding, but it's not a particularly happy song. As my father is the person responsible for my nickname, it makes sense for it to be during the father-daughter dance. I knew another girl named Amy, who used a song with her name to dance to with her father.
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