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Bride in the Navy!

I'm in the Navy, not my fiance. Any tips from girls out there who are in the service and have civilian fiances and spouses? It's always my fiance that gets thanked for serving our country and I am constantly overlooked, and vedors don't seem to understand that I took valuable leave time to be there to look at their places, and cannot come back to look again, so this first impression is really, really important. I have 5 days left to look at venues before I go back to base. Its really important for me to get married in the area we were raised, and its really important to find a good vendor who knows and understand our situation. How did all you girls plan a wedding and serve your country?

Re: Bride in the Navy!

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    I am in the Army and so is my fiance. I'd make sure you tell the vendors that you are in the military, I'm not sure how they'd get that confused if your fiance is a civilian. Make sure you're clear about your time limit to check our vendors. My biggest advice would be to get military clauses with all your vendor contracts in case your orders change and you have to change your wedding date. Do you have someone near your wedding site that can go back to vendors and get more information if you need it? That would help you with the follow up since you can't do it yourself. I hope planning gets easier for you. Good luck!
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    I'm AD Air Force and I'm planning a wedding overseas.  The vendors I have dealt with have been very helpful so far when I let them know the situation.  We aren't having our wedding until 2013 so for now its just research.  But when I have request information and let them know, they still call and send me everything I ask for.  So just tell them the situation, a lot of them can be extremely helpful!

    Good luck!!

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    I am AD Navy as well. I just made sure that when talking to my vendors they knew that we were a dual military couple. I know its super frustrating to be over looked, but its unfortunately its quite common for females in the military. Good Luck!
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