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Going to try to plan a wedding in 3 months. Am I crazy??

My fiance and I just got engaged days ago. We've discussed getting married for a while, but I didn't realize he's propose that soon. That being said, we also found out last week that I'm pregnant (for the record - he didn't propose just cause I'm preggers). We're both happy about it, despite the inconvenient timing, but have decided to get married before I have the baby for many reasons. I have always envisioned what I would like my wedding to be like, and want to walk down the aisle before I'm showing too much. Is it crazy to try to plan an elegant, formal wedding (preferrably at the Henry Clay if we can book it) in 3 months or so, or should I suck it up and walk down the aisle with a baby belly (or just wait a year and a half)?

Re: Going to try to plan a wedding in 3 months. Am I crazy??

  • For starters....CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy.  While it may have been a surprise, it's still so exciting!

    While some people might not get it, I completely understand why you don't want to walk down the aisle with a baby belly and I think that doing it in 3 months is doable.  It will probably be tough, but definitey doable.  My mom's friend planned a wedding in one month (they had a VERY similar situation as you did) and it turned out great.  If you didn't know any better, you never would have known it was planned with such short notice.  One major thing is that the groom's mother is a wedding planner.  I don't know if a wedding planner is in your budget, but in this type of situation, I think that it would be beneficial.  Honestly, I don't always feel like wedding planners are necessary, but in this case, it would probably really help. 

    I also think it will be easier to plan a March wedding in 3 months because March isn't one of the most popular months to get married. 

    Just to pass on some contacts for you.  I am very happy with my photographers and my florist and they are both very reasonably priced.  You should check them out:

    James Byrd Photograpy (www.jamesbyrdphotography.com) - They are a husband/wife team that are very laid back but also very professional.  Their prices are very good as well.  If you talk to them, tell them Ashley and Josh referred you :)

    Dixie Florist (502-499-2340) - My mom went to high school with the owner of this shop, and she has been very easy to work with and very helpful.  I don't know ANYTHING about flowers, and she was able to guide me in the right direction.  Very wonderful to work with!  

    Hope this info helps.  Have a very Merry Christmas and good luck with everything!

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  •     You can do it!!! - Especially in March. Call Odyssey Mobile Entertainment for your DJ. They are very affordable and Dave will run your whole reception. Very highly recommended. - 457-8185 - www.odysseymobileentertainment.com
  • I have a friend that planned her out of town wedding in about three months so it can definitely be done!  Personally I planned for about a year and a half but that was because of my budget.  If I had it to do again and had the money to do what I wanted, I would certainly not plan for so long.  If you are an organized person and have the budget to do what you want then you should be able to pull it off!  Good luck!

  • Anything can be done; you just have to put your mind to it! It will take up lots of time but it can be fun! Depending on your budget, there are several DIY ideas all over the internet, as well as lots of places to help provide a lavish wedding. But I would get started ASAP - my fiance and I are getting married in June and many vendors have told us that that due to the many wedding shows in January, they will book up VERY quickly. So I would try to focus on the big stuff:
     DJ --HIGHLY recommend JM Entertainment. They are all about not just being a DJ, but making sure the bride's day is as perfect as possible. Super professional.
    Florists wise, we are going with Lloyd's Florist. They have such a wide selection of items other than flowers like table and chair covers, jewelry, and decorations.
    Wedding Music- We are using Commonwealth Musicians at www.louisvilleweddingmusic.com. They have such a huge selection, you wont have to worry about them being booked for your day.
    Catering - I'm not sure but I think Henry Clay might use Silver Spoons ( I could be completely wrong!), but I would recommend Lady Fingers as well.
    Photography wise, I'm still looking as well!

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  • It's possible! I've had brides that have planned weddings in 2 months or less. ;) It's also slowest at this time of year, so you'll still have some options open! Good luck!
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