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Three things I'm happy about

The thread the other day was interesting--and those backstories are intriguing...but I'm in a better mood today and thought I'd try a different tack.

1. I just called the company that makes the walnut face scrub and explained what happened. I'm getting a coupon for a free replacement that is nut-free.

2. It's a gorgous sunny day. Perfect temperature. Lovely breeze. Finally.

3. My sister was properly sheltered during the tornado that went through her town in OK the other day. And her house was ok. I am sorry for those who haven't been so lucky of late, though.

Your turn.
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Re: Three things I'm happy about

  • 1.  Happy for a REAL 3-day week end.

    2.  Happy for the 1 lb and 4 oz that have come off since Monday's weigh-in

    3.  Happy that you're happy :)
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    1.  I don't own a scale.

    2.  My favorite aunt sent a lovely hand-written "yes" reply to the wedding invitation.

    3.  My fiance is so chill.
  • 1. I have a wonderful hubby! :-D

    2. The DSD is on her Disneyland Senior High School trip - two days of adult time - Yay!

    3. Two days of adult time - (I know it's a repeat, but....yeah!!!) 
  • 1. did my 2 mile walk & jogged almost 1/2 mile - in the rain, yay!

    2. booked my updo & makeup, yay!

    3. haven't touched that 1/4 sheet of choc. graduation cake that's been sitting on top of the counter since sunday.   I'm throwing it out tonite!
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  • 1. Tomorrow is Friday, payday AND a 3-day weekend (iit's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend)

    2. FI is wonderful

    3. Today is the last day of one of my classes!!!  woo hoo!!!
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  • #1 - My youngest son FINALLY (as a freshman) is going to get the special help he needs to succeed in school.

    #2 - Having a yard sale on Saturday with my future Mother in Law and Sister in Law.

    #3 - My quirky random blonde streaks in my hair that everyone thinks are fake  (dyed) are totally real.
  • 1. I'm starting my weekend early tomorrow by taking the afternoon off.

    2. We are going to get our marriage license tomorrow afternoon.

    3. Then we are going to the JOP to get the legal bits of this wedding stuff taken care of - Yeah - we are getting married tomorrow!  (but shhhhhh don't tell anyone - it isn't going to be the date we celebrate as our anniversary June 10 will be the CEREMONY)

    4. FI's ring - that I FINALLY found on line - I happened upon a really customer centric company online.  The website was a little 'shady' looking - but I went ahead and ordered.  They called the next day to ask if we were sure on size and design and would I like them to send me a sample of the ring so we can be sure?  Seriously - they sent us a ring overnight - just so he could look at it and confirm that it is what he wants!  Who does that?  They also sent a set of sizers.   So I'm totally loving these folks right now - I'll let you know what happens with the real thing.

    5. Rumor has it the weather is supposed to be really lovely this weekend.  Fingers crossed!
  • Posting pics of crazy hair

  • It won't let me upload the one that I took from the back of my head! ARGH.  It is too big and I don't know how to resize.  OH well.  I have a streak down the back side of my head too (off center to the left)

  • SHYTOWN - what site did you use for your bands?  And why are you getting married tomorrow instead of June 10?
  • Yes my brother called me skunk head growing up!  But it gets old answering the question all the time, how often do you dye your hair cuz you never have roots.  DUH!  Even 1/2 my eyelashes on my left eye are super blonde
  • Aw, that was great to read good things from everyone.

    And coralee: I also have a blond streak since babyhood. It was a source of humor for people for a while, but in the 80s became quite hip and the other kids whose moms wouldn't let them dye were jealous! Heh.
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  • 1.  I've done well this week with my eating habits.  I haven't had anything sweet at all .  Tomorrow will be my reward day and I can eat a brownie.  :)

    2.  My FH travels for his job A LOT but I got to see his handsome sexy self last night.  Hubba, Hubba!  LOL!

    3.  I am looking forward to my 3.5 days Memorial Day weekend.  YIPPEE!

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  • 1.  Three day weekend plus I get Monday as a paid holiday.

    2.  Getting married in 3 weeks from Saturday - Yay June 18th!

    3.  Finally done with the bowling league.  This "winter" league ran from August to May!  Damn long winter LOL. 
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