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    I had a horrible experience with Low's too! The consultant was incredibly rude to me and my guests.
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    I have had awful and wonserful experiences with Lowes.  My personal experience has been pretty good.  My consultants have been great to work with.  Although my second consultant was VERY tired by the end of our appointment.  My friend had a horrible experience with them though.  She went on their semi-annual sale day and she was told alterations to a dress she picked would only cost around $100.00.  She paid around $400.00 for the dress and then found out alterations were going to cost around that also!  When we talked to the women in the office about this, they stated that the conultant should have known this because the dress had to be hemmed and there was lace all around the bottom of the dress.  Also, when she went back to find a cheap reception dress the consultant didn't bother to tell her that she could order a bridesmaid dress in white.  My consultant told her that after her appointment.  I think that it all depends on your consultant at any bridal boutique/store.
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    Low's bridal was the most amazing and helpful place I have ever been to.  It's the Kleinfeld's of the south.  The reason why they can't correctly price what alterations cost, is because they don't do alterations.  The best advice anyone gave me was to shop around before getting the dress altered - some seamstresses are very costly, but worth the price.  Low's will not do any alterations at all. 

    Debbie, Jordan and Cathy helped me find my dress.  I was not rushed at all, I felt like I had their full attention, and they were completely helpful.  I couldn't have had a better experience for such an important and memorable day!
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