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Windsor Heights Community Center

We have narrowed down our ceremony/reception choices to Windsor Heights Community Center/Tournament Club of Iowa. I can't seem to find very many pictures of weddings at either place..if anyone has any pictures of either place I would love to see them, or just hear any reviews about how things went at either place! We are trying to plan a wedding from long distance and I feel a little overwhelmed but know I need to make a decision on the place before I can get anything else done! :)

Re: Windsor Heights Community Center

  • I don't know anything about Tournament Club of Iowa, but I have heard awesome things about Windsor Heights Community Center. We would have went there if it wasn't booked already. Beautiful outdoors, great for pictures, great community center...I just had many recommendations for it! I don't have any pics though, sorry!
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    i havnt had my wedding yet so i cant show you any pics from mine (may 18th), but Katie had hers there and shared her pics a while back from her wedding!i=1741706294&k=QmKPncH

    it is really really nice and had a catering kitchen & vending kitchen & lots of tables and chairs. The lady who runs it though doesnt reply very quickly and is best reached by phone in my experience.
    I actually ALMOST had my reception at the other place you are considering *LOL* but I really wanted to choose my own catering.

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  • thanks ladies! There are so many choices! :)
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