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Band needed on short notice

Hi everyone! I'm having my wedding at the Glen Sanders on July 25th 2010, a Sunday. We had booked a band to play for $2500 but they are being completely flakey and not returning our calls.

So I'm looking for a backup band in case we decide to cut our losses with our current band. Does anyone have experience with a wedding band who will play in Scotia, NY for a 4 hour reception, for $2500? We can't go up on the price because it's been strictly budgeted for. We'd like a band that can play covers--Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, etc. Thank you for any leads you can provide!

Re: Band needed on short notice

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    Hey, I live in Utica and work at a restaurant that has bands Friday and Saturday nights.  They play three hours for us and I know we don't pay them even near what you're asking.  Al Nathan is very good.  Frank Canistra does Frank Sinatra (he could probably do Beatles).  Look them up, we have great crowds when we have them!
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