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Hi ladies!

I know someone has posted on this before, but I'm interested to hear all of the new opinions.  I've found a venue that includes catering, decor, and reception/ceremony space, leaving very little for me to worry about.  However, I have also found a couple of places that only rent the space and tables and chairs, leaving me to handle all the details myself along with my family, including the set-up and tear-down.  At the end of my budgeting, I've figured out that the all inclusive venue is about $1200 more than the non-inclusive option- is it worth it??

Also, the all inclusive venue agreed to work on a custom menu for me, being that it's a small place, so my estimation is only that- it could change based on the price for the menu I choose.  Same for floral arrangements.  So basically, the $1200 dollar difference is a minimum.. it could go up.

I'm so torn!  I want to save the money (I'm dreaming of the honeymoon already..) but, at the same time, I know having it all taken care of for me will probably take a lot of stress off of my shoulders, especially on the day of.  What should I do??

Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate any suggestions!
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Re: Opinions needed..

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    I think it really depends on what your personality is like.
    I chose an all includsive venue; because at the end of the day I didn't want to worry about it. I am also not planning to add much to the decoration of the venue (they have standard decor that is neutral  enough to match my colors). I like their food (I had been to 2 or 3 other wedding with the same caterer who is exclusive at my venue). I want to show up day of and just attend my wedding (not set it up and run it).

    I think if your more of a type A person who wants things done in a very specific way (decorations and such); not having the all inclusive will give you the oportunity to control more things (while keeping your budget). Also, if your a DIY girl; you can infuse more of yourself into the space. That is my one regret; that I won't be able to make more decorative items (I have found so many fun ideas while planning). But I am making my own invitations and party flowers. I also plan to DIY a few things for the guest book table and gift table.

    I am still so happy to show up and it be done; but thats me. I haven't been dreaming of my wedding sinse I was 5 so I didn't have anything that I HAD to have at my wedding. I just want a FUN evening with my family and friends to celebrate my comitment to my future husband.
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    I chose a venue that was the space for the ceremony, the reception and they also did the food. That was a huge relief because that took out trying to find a caterer. I think the other parts of wedding planning are fun...cake tasting, meeting with the florist etc. So I really think you can have the best of both worlds. If you don't want to be stressed the day off, find a place that comes with an event coordinator (I was lucky because mine comes with 3!). That way you can enjoy the planning but also be able to enjoy the evening!
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    I also found an all-inclusive location that we liked, but once I asked a few more questions, I found out that I was not allowed to bring in any decor of my own.  Not even a single tea-light or cocktail napkin.  I personally didn't like being told that I couldn't diy anything to help save $.  So, I picked a venue that did their own catering and alcohol.  Now I'm having so much fun being creative and bringing in some personal touches.  So, I think you just have to decide what works more for your style and budget.  Good luck!!
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