Is this a good deal? :-\

We're getting married on July 2nd (22 days!!!). I am bound and determined to have hydrangeas for my 20 centerpieces (low, small, and simple), and for my bouquet. Ideally, blue. White is ok.

A friend was going to give me 20 blooms from his own bush for free, but they look like they won't be out til August this year, no buds yet. So, back to buying! :)

I went to Trader Joe's in Portland on other non-wedding(!!!) errands yesterday, and, lo and behold, they had beautiful blue and white hydrangeas, in clumps of 3 blooms, for $5.99 per clump.

My local florist quoted $9/bloom for hydrangeas (I would go online to order, but I can't make it work prep-wise), and $6.22/centerpiece for some other flower I didn't like very much. Trader Joe's staff was AMAZING, and spent 45 minutes with me answering my questions and spelling out the options. They even offered to call the grower and ask about their supply. They called me back 20 min after I left the store!

My only concern is that Trader Joe's cannot guarantee the color of the hydrangeas (no surprise there) -- I could end up with blue, white, pink, who knows! Or a mix of all 3! Still, I think it would be fine, I'm no bridezilla as far as color is concerned, I can find beauty in any combo thereof. But I can't place the order til June 27th!!! And I may find out that day that the grower is out of hydrangeas!  In which case, it would be too late to order hydrangeas from a florist. (That said, Trader Joes could order me ANY flowers I want on June 27th if they are out of hydrangeas.)

I'm too overwhelmed by all that's left to do for the wedding, plus we just bought a rental property that I'm fixing up for August 1st, so I'm a mess, and I can't decide without help. My friends were wishy-washy, and not as financially frugal as I am. They suggested going online to order hydrangeas, but I know it takes a couple days to revive them, and with all that's going on, I'd rather pick up some cut flowers and call it good.

Should I go for it? Too risky?

Re: Is this a good deal? :-\

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    I'm a fellow hydrangea lover myself!  I am having simple 5 x 5 square vases with white hydrangeas.  I am unsure how many are going in the vase, but they are costing me $35 a centerpiece.  I think that is a great deal and while it will cost more than if I made them myself, it will save me a ton of time, effort and aggravation which will be priceless the days before my wedding. 

    When Trader Joes said they could get you the flowers does that mean you'd have to store them, transport them and put together the centerpieces yourself?  If not, what are they charging you for the arrangements you want?  How does this compare if your florist were to do the exact same thing?  If you will have to do everything yourself, have you calculated the cost/time of buying the vases, storage containers, figuring out where you are going to store them, when you are going to make them, and how you are going to transport them?  Food for thought.

    Here's my opinion - if you are going to save a significant amount of money going in this direction and you have worked out all the details and have a good logistical plan in place AND you are ok with an alternate flower if it doesn't work out, then go for it.  BUT if you really want hydrangeas and you know you really want hydrangeas, and you'll look back and say "I wish I had hydrangeas, they are my absolute favorite" then go for the hydrangeas through your florist.   It may be more than you thought you were going to spend and I totally get at the end it just feels like you are bleeding money, but it's ok to give yourself some liberty when it's something you really care about.  If you are bound and determined to have hydrangeas then go the safe route.  It's more expensive but it's one less thing to worry about.  Money can be replaced or re-made - you can't go back and change the days before your wedding day and the day itself. 
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    I would say order your bouquet from a florist (you will pay for it but they will make sure it will be perfect). Then you can 'trust' trader joes' for centerpieces. You shoudl be able to make up centerpieces the night beore (you dont need to make them the day of, flowers dont wilt in a day-- though make sure to keep them in a cool shaded area).

    I would also try whole foods (ive herd they have fantastic flowers). Sam's club can send you them in bulk as well (a friend of mind did this with much sucess).
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    Contact a local farmer.  There are tons in the area that do wedding flowers.  Little River Farm and Snells Farms in Buxton are both wonderful.  Little River is totally organic too!  They are probably much less expensive than going through a florist and you're buying local!!!!  Good luck!
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