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Sticker Shock. DJ and Photo help?

I'm newly engaged, and I have the venue and church booked (where most of the budget has gone). I recently started looking into photographers and DJs. 

But what's a reasonable price? I know that's hard to gage, and we're in the greater LA area, so the price seems to skyrocket. The words "LA photographer" and "wedding" seem to mulitply the cost ten-fold. 

Anyway, perhaps I have unrealistic expectations, but I was hoping to get an album and about 6 hours for around $2500. Is that unreasonable?

Also, I have no idea what to spend on a DJ. Music/dancing isn't really my thing and not my top concern, but it is needed for entertainment and the reception. 

Thoughts? Advice? Reality Check? Please :) 

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Re: Sticker Shock. DJ and Photo help?

  • For photo you could try la event. I am using them for videography and they were reasonable. I liked their pictures as well, but I had already booked my photographer by the time I was referred to them.
  • You could try going to the bridal shows... I went to one last year in Pasadena where I found and booked Pure Love Photography. They are based out of the OC, but are more than willing to drive up and cater to your needs. They also have their own hair and make up team if you are looking for that option.
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