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Quick DC Vendor Reviews

I promise I'll add these to my bio soon, but for those of you in DC and beginning your planning, I wanted to recommend a few of my Indian-wedding specific vendors that I thought did a fantastic job...Tandoori Nights (Catering) - We dealt with Neal, the owner, and he is super nice, very flexible, and the food is sooo delicious.  We really enjoyed our tasting, and the food at the wedding was fabulous, we had a ton of compliments.  They also came early with mango lassi that was served between our Christian and Hindu ceremonies while my husband changed (yes, he changed, I did not!).  I was very, very pleased, and highly recommend them.Jennifer/Brooks Photography - This was Jen and Brooks' first Hindu ceremony (and I think their first two ceremony wedding), so I gave them a little background info and made a list of moments that I wanted captured (garlands, mangalsutra, phera, etc...) and they did fantastic job.  The photos (all thousand-ish of them) were really amazing.  They're also still quite affordable (although I'm sure their prices have gone up), and are really the nicest people.  We felt completely comfortable with them.  Also highly, highly recommend.Soor Kothari, MyDeejay.com (DJ) - It took a little while to get people on the dance floor, but once he had them there, Soor kept the dance floor packed all night long.  He had a good mix of western and eastern music, played much of our "must play" list (although not all of it, which I'll attribute to the fact that there were more Indian people on the dance floor that would prob prefer to dance to bhangra-ish music over british new wave).  Everyone really liked him though, and he did a good job with announcements, etc...  I'd also definitely recommend Soor, he's super nice.As-U-Wish (Mandap, Decor, Flowers) - Aradhana from As-U-Wish is super nice and did a great job.  Out of all of the decorators I met with (and I met with a ton), she was by far the most professional, most organized, and most reasonably priced.  We had her do the ceremony decor, some lobby decor (like a ganesh statue, flower petals, etc...), and the reception decor.  She helped flip the room really quickly (including changing colors on the mandap, doing the flowers, etc...).   The centerpieces, by the way, were really beautiful.  So obviously I also highly recommend As-U-Wish.---We had an amateur cake vendor that did really delicious and pretty Indian-flavored cakes, but she's not launched her company yet and I did have one small issue with her that I can tell you more about if you're interested and want to send me an email about it.

Re: Quick DC Vendor Reviews

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    Sounds like everything went off without a hitch!  Congrats!
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    Hi, Congratulation! I am a would be DC bride too (well, more like VA bride). I have heard great things about As-U-Wish but I have sent her two emails with no reply. So, I am meeting another decorator today, Dharma-Events. Did you, by any chance, talked or met with the person who handles that company?
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    I've never heard of Dharma Events - but if you send me an email, I can give you more info on As-U-Wish and the other people I spoke to - deux.etoiles at yahoo.
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    I lived in VA/DC metro area all my life and have now recently moved to the Boston area. Ascot restaurant is my all time favorite for any event I have had catered including my wedding. They can do almost anything including some indo-chinese, fusion sorts of dishes. Some other options are Aroma, Bombay Tandoor. Far as decorators, Partyland in Maryland is another option. Good luck!
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    Just to add another opinion - I was not at all impressed with Ascot or Partyland. Partyland was just so incredibly rude to us, and presented their own pretty generic design without even listening to what I was asking for. Ugh!!
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    As U Wish do a great job. Also check prices with Priti Verma at http://www.myweddingdecorator.com/. It's always good to do some price comparsions and check out their work before signing someone.

    Good luck
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    That doesnt sound like Partyland at all - I had my engagement decorated by them and they are decorating my wedding.  They ordered a brand new Mandap just for me!  I have been to every decorator on the east coast (I'm getting married in Virginia Beach) and this is definitely THE BEST DECORATOR OUT THERE.  I go to at least 30 weddings a year and they are difinitely the best.  Pretty Shocked that you felt that way about them.
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