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So, how was your Thanksgiving?

H and I grossly overestimated the amount of food we needed and could easily serve 6 more full Thanksgiving dinners on the leftovers. I froze a good portion of it, but we're going to be eating Turkey well into 2010.

Neither of us was particularly happy with the way things came out. My oven must not heat properly because both my pies and my cheesecake were undercooked on the inside.

One of H's good friends flew in on Wednesday. He's a fun guy in small doses. He has this annoying need to take the contrary opinion to everything, and be very vocal about it. He's also a close-talker, and a miserable houseguest. For some reason he loves me (he hates almost everyone--especially his friends' wives), so he at least tried to behave. He and H tried to make plans to have all holidays going forward be friends-only (no families) which I immediately nixed. This was a fun one-time deal, but missed being home.

Another of H's good friends drove up from LA on Saturday. We went to Santa Cruz, then bowling. The three guys spent the whole day and night laughing at their own jokes. It was cute, but it got old.

Re: So, how was your Thanksgiving?

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    I think we all know how my TG went. ;)
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    Ours was good. We went to my parents house. It was just us, my parents, my brother and my sister. Lots of eating, drinking, and jokes.

    DH & I are holding our breath for the fvkcery that will be Christmas with his family. Mainly because there is always fvkcery with his family.
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    Pretty good .. quiet .. eat too much!
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    It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving. There was no stuffing!!! Nor did we get to take home leftovers. So we bought a turkey last night and will be making a small Thanksgiving at home. I'm excited.

    Generally it was nice. Had brunch with the ILs and then dinner with my fambly. My cousin's kids are growing up and that means that they're sort of not being brats. Well, at least her oldest isn't. Her youngest turned into a serious shyte. He used to be so cute and quiet.

    I think next year H and I will either do T-day at home with friends or do it just with SIL and her husband.
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    mine was good. We went to my brothers. My neice (5) cried when she realized that we were the only guests (her mom said it was a party, so she thought their whole church was coming). It was cute. There was SO much food!
    They tried to guilt us into staying for black friday shopping, which began at 11:30pm, but we were having none of that. And my H said that he'd "had better" than my walnut pie, and my family almost disowned him. We all fight over that pie every holiday.
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    Was pretty good. Went to MIL's for a few hours, then off to my sister's for a great meal. Saturday was dinner with FIL/SMIL then DH's high school reunion. Only 14 people showed but the bar itself was packed. Could only stay so long before it got annoying.

    I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for FIL's dinner. They were tasty but  too oily. Paula Dean needs to dial down the oil and butter.
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    It went well.  H and I didn't have to be anywhere until after 3:30 so that was awesome.  We spent the day doing random crap, and bought a shock collar saving ourselves around $80 in coupons and giftcards. 

    Thanksgiving dinner itself was really good, I drank a half a bottle of wine by myself and ate loads of good food.
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    My mom made the waiter so nervous and uncomfortable that he wouldn't look at her because he asked if we wanted to order and she said "I'm not saying anything, you people must have it your way" directed at Dad and grandmother.

    She then cried because I didn't order turkey. She also cried because my grandmother wanted to talk about her life and tell the same stories she always does, but my mother didn't like it. Also, she got offended that grandmother didn't want her pie. She already had pie.

    Friday at the wine country was awesome. We had delicious vacation food, tasted awesome wine and came home with 8 bottles. Granted, 6 were the ones we had to pick up as club members and 1 was "free" with the hotel stay, so we only purchased one additional bottle, but we laughed. It poured rain on the way home though, and we saw two really bad accidents. So, Saturday and Sunday we went to the movies, then curled up under blankets and watched more movies + the first 8 episodes of Lost season 1.

    Now, I want to shop Cyber Monday and find a Christmas present for Man.
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    It went well.  The whole weekend was very busy.  My nephew is almost 2 and too much fun.  He was quite the little entertainer. 

    My mom and I drank entirely too much wine on Wednesday night.  Our punishment was getting up with the little man at 5:30am.  I heard him at 5am and prayed that he would go back to sleep, but he did not.  So I finally gave up the ghost at 5:30 and went and got him.

    Thursday, my aunt(whom my mom was estranged from for years and they only started patching things up a couple years ago), uncle, and their 17 year old quadruplets (yes, that's 4 babies at one time :)) and my uncle and his mail order Russian girlfriend and her daughter (which neither speak hardly any English) came for dinner.  Also my sister's SIL and BIL came too.  It was interesting, to say the least.  The food we all (me, my mom, and sisters) made was great!

    Friday, we hung around until lunctime and then headed home. Once home, we did some shopping and then watched movies and went to bed early.

    Saturday, I went shopping in the morning.  Then DH took my to my friend's house to see her new baby (he is a preemie and is  SOOO.. tiny.  I thought I might break him), DH took the kiddo to my IL's, he came back and got me from my friend's house, we went to another friend's house to say hello, went to dinner, headed downtown Indy for the HS State Football championship game (DH's HS was playing...and WON!), and then went to visit my friend A.  We got home around 1-ish and my mom was awake.  There was some major family drama going on, so we were up until 2:30am talking about it.

    Yesterday, my mom took me out to brunch and then we went shopping.  Once we got home, I pretty much bummed around the house for the rest of the day. 

    I am sooo... tired.  I thought I was going to get more rest this weekend.

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    DH stayed home because he was on call.  6let and I ran around the lodge and woods all day.  My cousin's kids are old enough to drink now and it makes me sad.  I used to babysit them! 

    I brought leftovers home and DH feasted that night.
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