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Shoreham Country Club

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and I am a little overwhelmed by the vast amount of information posted! I tried doing a search for any posts about the Shoreham Country Club; however, I was unable to find anything. So, I wanted to know if anyone has had their wedding and/or reception there, is planning on getting married there, has been to a wedding there or has heard anything about this country club??? Any and all information would be wonderful because I am seriously considering having my wedding there in 2012.

Thanks in advance for all your responses.

Re: Shoreham Country Club

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    I would suggest it. It is a nice place, I think when my friend had her wedding there it was with outside catering though. I am not sure about the food they would supply if they cater. I was there 4-5 years ago as well so things may have changed.
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    I live down the street from there, and though I've never been to a wedding or reception there, I have been to other events and had a bunch of friends that worked there!. It's really pretty and the view is great :) there's a nice gazebo over looking the water and you can walk right down there.
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    Thanks ladies :). I am a little shocked that I didn't get more responses to my post. Hmmmm a little worried... 
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    I can't comment on this venue sinces I've never been there, but don't be worried about the limited responses - the Long Island board is pretty dead around here.  Just look at some of the other posts... 4-5 responses is about standard. 
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    it has been a month since you posted but i just booked my may 2012 wedding there and i am thrilled! i was initially a bit of an anti bride but now i cant start wait to plan.  im sure by now you have found a venue, hope you at least went to see it!
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    I actually booked my wedding there for May 2012 also :). I think we may be a week off from each other based on the number of days the knot has posted for your wedding day. I wrote you a private message so please message me back...I would love to hear how your planning is going :)  

    Talk to you soon

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    Hi i saw that you booked the shreham country club for your wedding in may. I was wondering if you found pictures of the inside of the building done up for the redeption .if you could please contact me here i would appreciate it
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    Hi Tiffany,

    The only time I have seen pictures of the inside of the building set up for a reception was when I was booking my photographer. He was the recommended photographer and had just did a beach wedding there so he was able to show me some photots that he has recently taken. How are the wedding plans going for you? Do you have a wedding planner?

    Thanks...looking forward to your response. Please feel to private message me.
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    I also booked there for September 2012.  I grew up down the street and its a great location. 

    Would love to know who you decide to use for vendors, as the options are up to you! We are in the very early stages and just trying to figure vendors out now.
  • Found a great site with a ton of photos of the shoreham country club ladies ... Www.mikestestingsite.com
  • OMG thank you so much Tiffany for the website with all the photos of the Shoreham Country Club. It is nice to see the place set up for a wedding. Thanks again...
  • has anyone decided on what they're doing for decorations and flowers? and who they're using? We are just starting to plan all the details out!
  • Hey ladies,I am planning on using this venue as well..I would love any details that any one may have about it or any nice ideas? Im not definate on the venus but, I really liked it when we went to look!
  • hey all i was checking this venue out and from some pictures ive seen i cant really tell if its good for a beach ceremony because i would love to have my ceremony on the beach.you think i could get an answer for this?thank you<3
  • I am booking for June 2013! Love the locale! Please let me know how your day turned out for those of you getting hitched before me!. Thanks, Sarah!
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