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So, I have been using The Nest for a little while now, but I recently started utilizing The Knot (when I realized how close the wedding date was getting!). A step in my planning is to work on my weight and tone up. I have been stealing advice and soaking up the positive atmosphere on this board for awhile now and figured it was time to introduce myself and give a huge thanks to everyone. I can't even describe how much help everyone on here has been. I have found a workout that I enjoy (which means I actually stick to it) because of recommendations on here and the nest. I also stay firm on my eating because of the positive encouragement and advice. All of the recommendations for MFP have helped to get me going on that again. I always seem to slowly quit using it, but this board reminds me to stick to it along with everything else. So THANK YOU!! You guys have been such a huge help with my life style change, especially getting through the first couple of weeks.

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  • Glad you're finding success! You should come hang out on the accountability threads we do daily during the week - it helps a lot of us :)
  • Thanks guys! The wedding is set for May 11th so we are really cracking down now. Last fall I decided to really start working on my weight (with prior disappointment from the only gym option in town) I decided to try out some workout dvds at home. I made the mistake of trying insanity. Don't get me wrong, it is a great workout and I saw awesome results, but with my bad knees my chiro wasn't very happy with me and I gave it up after a couple weeks. After Insanity I was sort of burned out and just got going again about three weeks ago. After extensive research I went with 30DS and LOVE it! I do it at least 5 days a week and I do long walks with the dog in the warm seasons (winter walks are not an option in ND!) My overall goal is to lose 52 pounds (47 more). I did not set a specific goal to reach by the wedding simply because I feel it would stress me out if I got off track. I am just going to work hard and lose what I can before it. On the food side I am slowly cutting portions and I use MFP. I also try my hardest to keep the carbs low (as a pasta lover this is hard).
  • Welcome aboard! Yes, I totally agree with the awesomeness of 30DS. Week 3 is by far my favourite!
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  • Welcome! Congrats on finding inspiration and feeling good about everything you're doing. Definitely join in the threads. 
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