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Errands= bad decisions

Whenever I run errands at lunch I have this bad urge to want to stop in the drive thru and get something bad for me. I admit, I didnt today. I came back to eat my steak flatbread, apples, and pudding. Its like I have this urge when I am out and its lunchtime. I know its prob cuz im hungry. Does anyone else get like this?

Re: Errands= bad decisions

  • I always try to keep a Clif Bar in my purse. But, I definitely understand what you mean. By the time I get out of my 8:30 class, I'm usually staving and drive past every possible fast-food restaurant on the way home. But, hey, you didn't indulge. You resisted. Because you are awesome.
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  • Msalex- Thanks. I needed that lol.

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