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Post Wedding Check!

All of our Thank You cards are DONE!

That's right - they're all going out in todays mail, 4 days after the wedding! :)
Pretty excited about that. And if any more cards/gifts do happen to come in after the fact, they're card will get written out and sent out the next day!
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Re: Post Wedding Check!

  • Wow, that is AWESOME!  What a great feeling to already be done!!  I'm still dreading writing my shower thank you notes and it's borderline late for me to still have not sent them out yet :(

    We were thinking about waiting to get some pictures back, in order to throw in a pic of the guest or couple at the wedding.  We went to one wedding where they did that and I thought it was a great idea to provide that "memory" from the wedding.  But we'll see... I at least want to have all of the TY cards written and addressed before we leave for our HM 2 weeks later.
  • That is awesome.  I had "Thank You" signs made that we will do pics with so there is no way I can get mine out that fast because we will have to wait to have the cards printed with the photo.
  • I'm jealous! You are lucky!!!!!! I also am getting Thank you cards from the photographer - so we will not be getting ours out anytime soon after the wedding!

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  • Wow, you're fast! We've been writing thank you's as the gifts come in so I'm hoping it won't be so bad when we get back from the wedding! Good job!
  • We just bought generic ones from Target and are using them. We didn't do anything special for the cards, because frankly I'm sure they'll end up in the garbage somewhere. Not to mention we go on our honeymoon at the end of the month, so thats 4 weeks after and then we have his sisters wedding at the beginning of May. So if they don't go out now, itll be who knows how long.

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  • you go girl!!!! thats awesome!!!! i hope im on top of all that like you are!! i have a good jump on them! and i still have 2 weeks till my wedding!!!
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