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Disrespectful if Pastor doesn't give grace??

Would it be disrespectful to ask my Grandpa (which is a religous man and gives grace at all family functions) to give grace before we serve dinner insteat of the pastor that is marrying us??

Thanks to all the input!!

Re: Disrespectful if Pastor doesn't give grace??

  • You asked the pastor to officiate your wedding ... he's an invited guest at the reception ... if you have a family member you'd like to ask to say grace, he shouldn't be offended.  In fact, in some areas (like mine), it's tradition for the male head of the family to either ask the blessing on the meal, or to designate who is going to ask the blessing on the meal.  My father has that honor.  If he wants to say it, he can, or if he wants to ask someone or even ask the pastor, he can.  I've never known a pastor to get offended by someone else praying, hahha! :-) 

    Don't let it worry you.  Such a small point, not many will really notice anyway. 
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  • Agree with pp.  Don't overthink this.  Grace by grandpa is a very personal wonderful touch to your receptionan and I'm sure the Pastor would think so too.
  • Perfectly acceptable. We're planning on asking one of my fiancé's pastors (who's invited to the wedding, not officiating) to say the blessing before the meal.
  • no problem with that. your pastor has already played a significant role in your wedding, why not give someone else a chance.
  • vexievexie
    Our minister will be attending the reception however my dad is going to say grace.  It's your day.. if it's more meaningful for your Grandfather to say grace then by all means let him do it :)
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