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Grrr RSVPs are due tomorrow!

And I haven't heard from 24 households. Come on people!

Re: Grrr RSVPs are due tomorrow!

  • Yikes! Hopefully you get a good handful in!
  • Same RSVP date here, and I have 22 households I haven't heard from. Granted, my wedding is later (it's August 19), so they do have some time to get back to me, but I'll probably start calling next week. 
  • Some are households I've verbally heard from... how often are you accepting that type of response?
  • Honestly I take it on a case-by-case basis. My uncle (who is OOT) texted me to tell me he lost the card but is coming, and I trust him so I counted him. I think it's mostly been OOT people that have responded in every other way except the RSVP card. There is one person that said he's coming but hasn't sent in his RSVP, so I'll probably just speak to him before I count him, just to make sure. I think part of the decision too is how reliable they've been in the past. If it's someone who has been flaky in the past, I would totally hop on their butt to make sure they're coming, lol. 
  • d^2. Sounds like good a plan... Thanks!
  • Yeah my date was tuesday and we were still missing about 30 households...slowly tracking down. Kinda bummed none came in the mail today. I cant believe this many people dont respond but its seems to drop in half the no/yes at this point past the deadline.
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  • You'll probably get a rush in the 2-3 days PAST the deadline, as people see the cards and go "oh crap! we were supposed to send this back!". My plan is to give it a week before starting to call... we'll see how impatient I am in reality, though.
  • Mine are also due tomorrow, and I have yet to hear from 36 households! 
  • At least it is not me ;)

  • Mine are due today. Not too bad only missing 4 households.
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