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What do you need to know abot your DJ

How do you choose your dj for a wedding ?
Over the ph interview? meet in person, can you ask to see them at wedding for a short time?

Re: What do you need to know abot your DJ

  • NillaWafer10NillaWafer10
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    Hi IIavi!  Welcome to the board!

    I chose my DJ based off of recommendations on the board.  I tend to trust the ladies here on the board, because they have been married recently, or are getting married soon.  There are many companies that change hands, managers, and staffers, so an excellent company a few years ago, might not be so great today.

    I am doing over the phone interviews, because I don't live in the Phoenix area anymore.

    I have heard of lots of people meeting with DJ's in person.  I would definitely recommend this, because you need to get a feel for the vendor.  A DJ is a big part of your wedding, and they can make or break your dancing.

    I would recommend making a post and asking for recommendations, and working from there.  You can find similar posts if you look at some of the older posts.

    Hope this helps!
  • jabecknerjabeckner
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    I met my DJ in person and I am glad I did. It gave me a chance to get to know their personality a little better then I think I could do over the phone. And I just prefer to do everything in person if possible.

    As far as asking to see them at a wedding for a short period of time, I wouldn't want some strangers stopping in on my wedding so that they can hear the dj, thats like him advertising in the middle of my wedding. 

    But, anyway here is a great link on questions to ask your dj...

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    I definetly recommend meeting them in person if possible.  I started by doing research online.  I used lots of different websites for recommendations, including the knot.  I liked wedding wire and onewed.com too.  I looked for things I think I would want in the package what they include in their package, hours included how much the rate per extra hour was.  When I narrowed down some vendors in my price range I would contact them and ask basic questions about how they perform and music choices and such.  From their correspondence I would see if they did respond, how much information they shared and how friendly they were.  That helped me decide who to meet in person so I didn't have an overwhelming amount of vendor meetings to schedule.  All the checklists that offer questions to ask your DJ do suggest seeing about watching them at another wedding.  I did ask that, but the DJ I went with didnt offer that, he felt it was unprofessional to offer up another bride's wedding for him to book more work.  Which, when put that way, I did feel the same way.  I would try asking for recommendations from other couples they have worked with and seeing if they possibly have video of them working another wedding-I know some of them do that too!!  HTH!!
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    I could not stress enough the importance of meeting with the DJ in person if you can.  I met with about 5 and out of those 5 really only liked 2 once I met them.  There were a few companies that you spoke with office ladies or assistants so I could not even get a feel for the personalities on the phone. 

    I also did a web search on what to ask a DJ before hiring them.  I just printed out a list and tried to slip the questions in during the interview. 

    Remember, this is the person who will MC your whole night, so you want their personality to mesh with your personality.   Plus, you want someone who will understand the feel that you want at your wedding which can vary by your guest list.
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