Hey!  Does anyone know of a cheap place to get flowers?  I heard of the Lake Union flower market but you have to have a business licence to buy there.  I'm doing roses for the boquets and just a mix of white flowers to put in vases on as my centerpieces.  I thought of going to Pikes a day or two before the wedding and seeing what they have...But I'm thinking there has to be a better option when buying that many flowers.  I figure I will probably get the roses from costco...But the white flowers I'm not sure.

Any ideas would be appreciated!!! :)


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    they ship the flowers from ecuador - I ordered some as a test run a month or so ago and they were beautiful!  They did take about 2 days to open up but everything was intact and lovely.
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    Some of the HI brides ordered theirs in bulk from fiftyflowers.com, so you might check them out.
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    As for the non-roses, I would suggest going to Pike market a week or two in advance to see what they have in season. I wanted a mix of blues and purples with some white for all my CP and was not picky about the actual type of flower, other than I definitely needed to have some Iris and I arranged with one of the vendors on my scouting trip to have 4 dozen. It wasn't difficult and was pretty economical. Just bring a couple 5 gallon buckets and some helpers to carry said buckets. It's a lot easier to put the flowers in the buckets to carry.
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    I'm going to a whole sale florist tomorrow - I don't believe they require a business license.  I will let you know what I find! :)
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    I just did the flowers for my cousin's wedding this weekend- we used calla lilies (purple and white) that we purchased at a local flower shop and ordered a whole bunch of white flowers from Costco and fiftyflowers.com. Both places were good enough to work with. Depends on what you're looking for.

    *Note, my cousin went bridezilla on us last minute and somehow I got stuck superglueing tiny, little sparkling crystals onto to her lilies... He flowers turned out perfect but my figures are still covered with superglue. I'll be pissed for a while.
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