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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

The weddings over...now what

So yesterday was my first day back from my wedding this past Saturday and it was so hard.  Everyone asked how the wedding was and I don't remember a thing.

Long story short I woke up on my wedding day with a really bad case of the stomach flu.  I was miserable all day and finally ended up changing out of my dress after 2 hours into the reception after I ended up puking again.  If that was not bad enough I heard comments that I was preggo bride and I wasn't.  I just wanted to cry and finally we ended the reception early.

Any ideas on how not to be so depressed?  Don't get me wrong I am happy that I have married my best friend, just bummed.

Re: The weddings over...now what

  • Oh man, my friend had nightmares before her wedding about that happening to her. It's totally rational to be bummed that you were sick. Can you try to squeeze some happiness out of the day retroactively by working on a scrapbook of the day or something?
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    I had the stomach flu on my wedding day. 
    Every one didn't say I was pregnant, but they kept saying "oh it must be nerves" and it took all my will power not to snap back "no you dumb ****** I'm f***ing  SIIIICK". 
    It was not nerves. Not even a little bit. The day before the wedding I threw up WHILE getting my nails done. 
    Yup. Pleasant. 
    All throughout the RD. 
    I had to keep taking breaks to throw up the day of, while getting my hair and make up done. 
    I didn't eat the day before or the day of. It was horrible. I just wanted to cry the whole time because I wanted so badly to enjoy the wedding, but was so weak, sick, hurting, miserable. 

    That being said, our wedding was beautiful and I got the best part of it all: my husband. 
    That's what you had a wedding for, right? I know it sucks that you didn't get enjoy such a wonderful day, but the "best day of my life" is every day I wake up breathing, healthy, and knowing I have an amazing husband. A lot of people can't say they have all three of those things. 

    YOu will feel better when you get your pro pics back from your photographer. When that happens, it'll start coming back to your memory all the lovely pieces of the wedding that you made happen. 
    For not, it's totally normal to be bummed out, but try not to be too sad about it.. The wedding was also for your husband, and I know it hurt my husband's feelings knowing that I didn't enjoy it as much as he did (for obvious reasons) so it hurt him whenever I made "bah humbug" comments about it all. 
  • And remember, someone always has it worse... I know that isn't fun to think about, but it's totally true. I know a couple different brides that broke their leg or foot right before the wedding so they had to wear a giant cast down the aisle... That would have been miserable... 

    And I know a couple people that had to straight up cancel their weddings due to hurricanes/tornados/wild fires and just got married in the court house, losing all that money. 

    And I know one couple whose husband was send away last minute (military pilot) so they still held the wedding.. but he was on skype. 
    Skype. In front of family and friends the bride was left alone at the alter with a computer. 

    There is always something worse. 
    I'm sorry that you had such a crappy time on your wedding day, but know that you aren't the only one. I promise.
  • Honestly, I think you just need to allow yourself some time to be bummed about it, and then eventually you will move past it. Of course you are happy that at the end of the day you got to marry your best friend, but you wanted your day to be everything you'd dreamed of and worked so hard to plan for, and the stupid stomach flu messed with that and it sucks. I'm sorry your wedding day was not all you wanted it to be.
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