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My daughter just called to tell me she was at her favorite little restaurant that happens to be ethnic.  She passed out while she was there.  (I am not paniced about this because she is a "fainter")  When she woke up, the waitress said to her, "While you were sleeping, I prayed for you.  We dont like to call the cops."  LMAO! (And thank goodness she wasn't having a cardiac arrest, because she would have been going straight to heaven, no time spent in an ambulance or ED!)


  • Oh my. I don't like to call the cops either but I don't think that casting a spell is going to help someone who has passed out. Is your daughter ok? Any idea why this is happening? I ask because it used to happen to me a lot when I was younger. Never officially diagnosed with anything.
    image Don't mess with the old dogs; age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill! BS and brilliance only come with age and experience.
  • It started when she was 4.  She was worked up thoroughly, and absolutely nothing is wrong with her.  Her pediatrician (who I adore) said, "she was born in the wrong era.  She should have been a Victorian lady, she's just a swooner."  As I told the story today, a colleague described her as having the vapors. 

    Happened a lot when she was little, mostly after painful stimuli (like her brother crashing into her on his bike).  Has not happened as much as she's gotten older.  She had some norovirus symptoms also, so that might have been the trigger.  Also, she's decided to become vegan, and I am not sure how balanced her diet is. 
  • Oh, Lord!  I laughed so hard at what I imagined the scene may have been -- snorting out loud -- that DH wanted to know what I'd just read.  Of course, I'm not laughing at the thought of her being ill ... but at the thought of prayers vs a call to 911. 

    I hope she's doing well. 
  • Don't feel bad, Lisa, I laughed right in her ear when she called me to tell me.  And then told everyone at work.   Since we are used to her fainting, I am actually glad they didn't call 911, because we'd have to pay the ED co-pay for nothing. 
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