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I am having a November 13th wedding at Greystone Hall.  The reception will be there as well.  Is anyone else having their wedding there?  The people are not budging at all price wise and my fiancee is very frusterated.  They have an extremely high minimum, especially for November..... However, I have wanted my antique wedding there since I was little and this is extremely important to me. I feel stuck in the middle!  Is anyone else having this issue?


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    Not to be a downer, but in all my time on the knot I have never heard a good review of Greystone.
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    I agree with the previous post.
    My cousin got married there about 6 or 7 years ago.  I don't know how much it cost or the minimum number of people that they had to have.  I do remember her being very stressed because they wouldn't do things the way that she wanted them done. 
    When I was planning my wedding, I remember asking her how she liked her reception...she said it was alright.
    Good luck with everything!
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    To be an upper... Greystone is now under new management; the City owns it. My fiance did security there for 5 years before it was taken over. I think Greystone is beautiful but out of my price range :) Sorry no advice on slimming the price, I guess since they are newly operating they are trying to recoup the money spent buying it!
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    I heard the new management part as well so even though for years I have heard bad things about Greystone, I have not heard anything since its under new management. 
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    I have no personal experience but haven't heard one single good review on these boards over the years either. Reviews usually stated that the manager (Cindy?) was very hard to work with and that many vendors refused to work in that hall.
    This hall went through multiple changes so I  I could be wrong. but at one time I remember someone posted that 'new management' was just smoke and mirrors and the same people still ran it
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    Hey guys!  There is new management....Its crazy because my Fiancees neighbor helped redo the building the last 2 years as their contractor.  It was amazing taking a 3 hour tour through the whole building.  There are weird robes and skeleton heads in the basement from when the masons used it in the 1920s.  They are fake of course, but very eerie.  Anyway, we did end up booking with them, so hopefully it wont be awful!!! haha.  My photographer, Gary Coz said that most vendors will refuse to take pictures there because of the old manager Cindy, but not they are ok :) augh!!!
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