My DOC saved my wedding!! Thanks Kalpana

Brides, MAKE SURE you hire a DOC for your big day! Portland Oregon brides... get in touch with Kalpana from White Lotus Events. She was a godsend! K guided me through the wedding process like a best friend that knows everything there is to know about weddings. She was so organized and thought of everything. Anything I needed, Kalpana took care of. Things I didn't even know I needed done, she was on top of. 

When I woke up to pouring rain on my mid-summer (outdoor) wedding day, I didn't panic. I had Kalpana. Sure, it was raining so hard that no amount of tent or umbrellas would do, but I knew everything would be okay. She handled it in stride and found a beautiful indoor venue for us to use. 

So brides, if you want things to go smoothly on your big day, invest in a DOC. Trust me, you don't want to be worrying about who or what goes where. You don't want to stress. You want love and happiness and positivity.You want to really be present in the moment and be enjoying yourself. 

Thanks to my DOC Kalpana, I had a perfectly executed wedding experience. Thanks K!

Re: My DOC saved my wedding!! Thanks Kalpana

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