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June 2013 Weddings

C & V Thursday

Confessions and vents...aaaannnd go!!

Re: C & V Thursday

  • Confession: It's my Friday, I've already worked an extra 7-ish hours this week, and I'm just completely checked out. Zero desire to do anything productive.

    Vent: The plumbing in our house is staging a rebellion. Yesterday morning, our upstairs bathroom sink started to leak. I couldn't get a plumber to come out because they were all tied up with others' burst pipes from the cold weather. So, whatever, I shut off the supply line to the sink, figured it was no big deal, we'd get it fixed in a few days and just use one of the downstairs bathrooms. Then at like 9:00 last night, I went into the basement, and lo and behold, the hot water supply line for the kitchen sink, one of the downstairs bathroom sinks, and the dishwasher is leaking at the shutoff valve. So now, we have no hot water to our kitchen (thankfully, I had just washed the dishes), no hot water to one of the bathroom sinks, and no water, period, to the sink upstairs. Sometimes I LOVE being a homeowner...can't wait to get the bill from the plumber.
  • Confession: My mother wants to dance with me at the wedding reception in place of the father-daughter dance.  I have absolutely NO desire to dance with my mother (let alone dance a polka, which is what she wants to do saying it would be a nice way to honor my father because my father loved the polka) but I really don't want to hurt her feelings...especially right now.  If my mother and I were closer/had a better relationship it would be a different story but right now our relationship is just not close enough for that.

    Vent: FI seems to have been checked out during our budget discussions and is just now realizing that we're going to go over our original budget.  I'VE been concerned enough to ask him whether we could afford all this for like 3-4 months now because I knew money was going to be very tight when it came to paying everything.  FI just kept telling me it would be fine, we'd have the money when the time came, etc., etc.  I even asked one more time before STDs began to go out to people and got the "it'll be fine, we'll have the money, stop worrying" speech.  So I sent out STDs for our 350+ person guest list.

    So this morning FI messages me and asks what we have left to pay for because he wants a list to help him figure out what we still have to pay for.  So I listed every single tiny thing I could think of from my undergarments to the catering to the vendor tips.  Now I'm getting the impression he's concerned about whether we'll have the money to pay everyone because he's currently at work trying to figure out exactly how much overtime he'll need to work in order to make everything happen.  REALLY?!!!!!!  WTH happened to "don't worry, it'll be fine, we'll have the money when the time comes" and "Oh I've got it all figured out: X, Y, Z"  Oh. Mah. Gawd.  Men!!!!!  Undecided
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  • C:  I am so obsessed with wedding stuff that I am not getting any work done.  And I have so much stuff to do for clients but I keep telling myself that once I finalize everything I will be able to focus, but I know I wont, lol.  I am sure I will come up with something knew wedding related to dwell on.

    V:  I can't finalize anything because so many people are not getting back to me!!!!  And FI keeps throwing me curve balls about the reception and after party.  I am going to need advice on this.
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  • Confession:  I have weddng on the brain 24/7 but try to hide that from FI so he doesn't know how obsessed I am with all these details, haha

     Vent: I'm starting to lose my patience with my parents!  They are paying, so I can't complain, but I can vent, right!?  I knew it would be hard on some level for we have completely different vision on this wedding, but everything was going smoothly to start.  And since I'm not paying I've been really good at going with their flow.   Yes i know they get final say-- thats not the hard part.  We have a budget, I'm very much under budget.  More so annoyed that they want me and FI to check out every single potential vendor (not just online, but physically meeting them) before booking people.  Wedding venue/city is 1.5 drive from where we live so bulk of planning needs to be done on weekends.  I spend all week researching vendors getting as much narrowed down as I can.  Every weekend we've been traveling down to meet different vendors.  I'm the type that if I meet you and like you, SOLD!  My parents on the other hand want to hear about every possible vendor.  I'm just a little burnt out I guess.  FI has been wonderful going with me once I narrow it down and helping make final decisions so at least I'm not alone, but I'm still frustrated that we are doing all of this work, getting the "OK" to book and then getting questions/hesitation after we were given the OK!  I guess it would be one thing if my parents were going every weekend and making the decision who to book-- but they literally tell us, get who you like; and we would not visit someone if they didn't ok it to begin with.   I'm communicating costs so they are in the loop and don't meet unless given the OK--  But yet it seems every thing we pick, they question after the fact they gave the ok to book in the first place!!  Driving me NUTS.


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