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October Siggy Challenge: Cake!

Include a picture in your siggy of a cake that is similar to yours or inspiration for your cake! Yummy! And happy 4 months until wedding everyone!!! :)

Re: October Siggy Challenge: Cake!

  • Yay! Been waiting for this one. I absolutely love my cake and my fiancs grooms cake. I uploaded the wedding cake for right now but I may go back and put his in too since I love it so much!!
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  • yay for cake! I can't wait to see our cake. Our cake is going to be like the picture only with purple ribbon. And instead of the little three dots we are going to have small, purple music notes since music is such a big part of both of our lives. The bottom picture is my fiance's groom;s cake. His won't be a cut out like this. It will be iced on to a sheet cake. My fiance loves the Simpsons and he is very excited about this cake.
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  • I decided to put a pic of our groom's "cake." We are having a roughly iced white butter cream three tiered cake with a grapevine heart topper. It will be on a wooden tree slice cake stand and we are having red velvet, lemon, and strawberry cake.

    Our groom's "cake" is pretty unique though! FH told me one day he thought it'd be fun to have a rice krispy cake so I ordered these pops for him! The pops eliminate the need to cut a krispy cake! We're going to do either navy, purple, and green riboon or I might get Dallas Cowboy ribbon bc they are his favorite!!
    Best of luck to you and yours!

    Feb 22, 2013
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