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Another check!

We had our tasting with the caterer last night and omg food coma!

Our venue allows the choice between three caterers; after reviewing each's menus we decided that we only really cared to taste one of them and hoped it would be good.  Reviews I read of them were all outstanding. And true to the reviews, the food was amazing!  We wanted semi "non-traditional" food, and boy did they deliver. 

The caterer said to come hungry that they serve full plates, which we mistakingly assumed was like a single full plate and we'd all taste from it.  Oh no, we each had our own full plate! Luckily, they doggy-bagged our leftovers, so yay for no cooking for me tonight! 

I'm so excited for the wedding, it's all starting to come together and get very real, even though we're 11 months away just about.

Re: Another check!

  • Yay, that is exciting!


  • I love food. Tasting is one thing I wont get with my wedding. I'll get lots of tasty Disney noms while we are there though so its ok.
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  • I'm not sure what was wrong with us when we selected our tasting menu though, for some reason we requested 3 different stuffed dishes- a beef, a chicken, and a pork.  We are going to have so much food at our wedding.

    My FI is obsessed with mac n' cheese, so they are making a gourmet one and FI is beside himself with excitement!  I'm most excited for the tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese bites as a passed appetizer, I hope there are some left by the time we make it to the reception!
  • That's awesome!! Mmm, gourmet Mac and cheese sounds delicious!
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  • That's awesome!! FI and I are still working on food for the wedding. I think we are having a more laid back...close relatives bring a dish.
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  • Yay! Celebrate AWESOME VENDORS!

    We go to our food tasting on the 15th! Our chef has been texting FI for the past couple of months and he's getting really excited about the food tasting, so I have good feelings about the food and our time up there.
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