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Flowergirl petal alternatives

So, my church has a strict "No 'stuff' on the floor" wedding policy (my mom is the church wedding coordinator, so I've heard the horror stories of slick petals on our tile floors), and I have two little flower girls.  I'm trying to figure out what the alternative to chucking stuff is.  I've seen the flower balls, but I've heard that they're crazy heavy because they're full of water.  The signs seem a little cheesy, but I'm open to them.  Would a pared down version of the grown up bouquets work, or would it seem child-bridey?  My flower girls are five and seven.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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July 12, 2013

Re: Flowergirl petal alternatives

  • We plan to do silk flower balls for the little girls so that they wont be quite so heavy for them. Not to mention I can see my youngest flower girl using it as a play weapon post ceremony haha. My flower girls will be seven, seven, and Nine. The signs feel cheesy to me...
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  • We are doing silk flower falls on a string, they shouldnt be that heavy. 

    Couldnt you just put a few flowers in a cute like basket with a ribbon and have them carry that down? But not have them dropping any petals/flowers. 

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  • Traditional basket with flowers, or maybe a stuffed bear in your wedding colours?
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  • Our flower girls used flower wands for the same reason (no petals on the floor!) They looked very cute and it made for a pretty keepsake after the wedding for them
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  • Have you considered having them use bubble blowers?  I bet they'd get a huge kick out of that, and it would make for some adorable pics.
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    Can you lay something over the aisle runners that they could drop petals on that could be taken up later?

    If not, can you use flowers secured in a basket that can't be removed, or the flower wands suggested by a PP?
  • we did little nosegays for the FGs (and jr BMs).  They were cute, they seemed to really like being 'like the big girls', and IMO flowers are flowers so I don't think it made them seem like "little brides" anymore than any other flower would.  Our youngest was 4 and didn't seem to have any issue with the weight.
  • Could instead have them announce your entrance? I wouldn't get to wrapped up or focused on having flowers but maybe having them as heralds announcing you. That might be even cooler than the traditional FG role.
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  • How about a sign that says "Here comes the bride?" Those are super cute.
  • My little cousin handed out roses to guests in aisle seats on her way down the aisle at my step-sister's wedding. I realize a bunch of roses could start to get pricey but they could do carnations or another flower instead.
  • I'm not going to have anything thrown on the floor either...but I already bought the basket, so I'm going to ask the florist to use some of the same flowers that are in the bouquets and have them arranged in the basket.  
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