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I am looking for a place to get married ceremony/reception. Our budget is 5,000 for the whole wedding. We are going to have about 50 people. We dont want a church wedding. Would like if outside food is allowed.

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    We decided on The Windmill Winery in Florence. It's a bit of a drive for us considering we live in Mesa, but it's so pretty. It's an old Barn and has a beautiful lake. On the other side there's a grassy knoll overlooking the lake. It's super cute. We're having around 150 people, but they're have done as little as 20 people before. We are paying around $10,000 for 150. This includes bridal cottage, men's dressing room, ceremony, reception, food, cake, cocktail hour, DJ, and a floral package. I'm sure for 50 people the price would be a lot less than $10,000. And it includes so much more than just a place!

    Hope I helped Laughing Good luck!!!

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    Not sure where you live but Arizona Historical Society at Papago Park seems to be  affordable and pretty. Good luck!
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    I was in the same spot as you were and i came on here just a about a week ago. I had a woman telll me about this brand new venue that came out.  I met her at the venue and was blown away. I wanted an outdoor wedding and this was like an oasis in the middle of the desert.  On our drive there we were getting a little nervous becasue i wanted it to be so nice and i got alot more than i expected.  It serves as the ceremony and reception place. It is ony $750 but it doesn't come with food.  There are so many different places that you can have food that won't make your mouth fall open.  Im on the same budget that you are on and very surprised that everything is coming together under budget so far.  If you want anymore information just email me and i will be happy to help.  :)  good luck and congradulations on your upcoming wedding 
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    Try Casa Bella private wedding estate
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    whats the name of the venue analker? 750 is a great price for a site fee. i'm payin 2580 for val vista lakes on a thursday!!
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