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My fiancé and I have booked a place for our venue for the reception. Neither of us belong to a church and we are looking for a place to hold an indoor ceremony. Most of the churches we have looked at require that we be members. Willow Valley chapel is already booked for our date. Does anyone know of a church or chapel that will allow us to hold our ceremony there and not be members?
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    Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster its on West Chestnut Street.  They allowed us to marry there and also for my uncle to marry us (he is not affiliated with their church)  They were not expensive and very quick to answer questions.  I would try there.  We also had gorgeous pictures from inside the church during the ceremony.
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    UUC of Lancaster is always a good bet.  We had the same problem, and discovered Mary Dixon Chapel in Lititz at Linden Hall.  It's a very unique, historic chapel with a ton of character.  Lots of cool photo-op locations onsite and very nearby.  Price is reasonable as well. You'll have to hire an officiant as well with this option, but there are lots of them in the area.  Good luck. 
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    Two couples I know got married at Calvary Church on Landis Valley Rd in Lancaster. None were members; however, they did have to participate in a mentor program.  Basically the church pairs you up with a couple from their membership and you meet and talk about marriage.

    My sister got married in the Old Zion Church in Brickerville.  It no longer has regular services and you'd need your own officiant, but it's got great ambiance.  Although if you are having a big wedding it might be too small.

    My other sister got married at St. Peters Lutheran Church on Lititz Pk.   Not sure if you need to be a member.  Even though we weren't attending when she got married, we grew up going there.

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    Thank you everyone for the input. I really appreciate the all the help! 
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