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I did buy my wedding dress from Davids Bridal but haven't heard great things about their alterations.  And I just called up to try to talk to the about maybe making an appointment.  1st off the woman couldn't understand me & with her thick accent I couldn't understand her.  I literally spent 3minutes telling her my wedding was on the 6th not the 5th!  I had to spell out S-I-X.  This already wavers my confidence in them.  What if she thinks I said to do something to my dress I didn't?!?!?  Does anyone know of a GOOD seamstress in the Northwest Indiana area?
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Re: NW Indiana Seamstress

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    See information below. I've known Ms. Peachy for years when she was at her 1st location on 52nd and have seen her do wonders to many wedding gowns. Since then she has moved to 61st in the same complex's as Ultra Foods. I plan to take mine there myself in a few months.

    Peachy's Expert Alterations & Tailoring
    Category: Sewing & Alterations
    6120 Broadway
    Merrillville, IN 46410
    (219) 887-0170
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