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Elegant Shower Decorations?

Hello!  I used to be a regular on the Knot boards, and now I'm married and a bridesmaid for a friend. 

My assignment is to find decorations for the shower which we want to be really elegant.  I think that one of the mothers is providing floral arrangements already.  When I go to stores and ask about shower decorations, the things they point to - crepe paper streamers and hot pink plastic cups - don't really seem elegant. If I were designing the event from top to bottom, I think I'd stick with just flowers, and it would be simple and pretty, but that would result in me not buying any decorations and, well, then I'd just be lazy.  

Do you have any suggestions for decorations that will look elegant, keeping in mind that I don't have a fortune to spend? B.T.W... the MOH picked an "around the clock" theme.  (I've seen suggestions for centerpieces involving buying multiple clocks, but that seems a bit over-the-top to me)

I'm already thinking about round paper lanterns in her colors.  I saw a picture of some tulle draped really nicely, but tulle scares me.  It can very easily turn out looking like a 5-year-old's ballerina party.  Whaddaya think?

Re: Elegant Shower Decorations?

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    I agree. Flowers would be really nice and classy.
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    Thanks for the feedback.  I agree that just flowers would look the most elegant.  But, as I said, one of the moms is buying the flowers, and the other bridesmaids assigned me the job of getting "other decorations."  If you were in my position, would you show up empty handed?  I feel like I need to do something.  Also, the food is being taken care of by the hostess, so I can't bring that, either.  (Plus, I'm out of town, so bringing food on a 6 hour train ride probably wouldn't work.)
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    Candles or make tissue paper pomanders.
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    I'd go with some kind of candle as your contribution to the decorations.  Since you said there will already be floral arrangements, did you mean that those would be the centerpieces? You may want to get in touch with the mother providing these and coordinate your decorations.  For example, if the flowers will be the centerpiece, your candles could be a circle of votives around each.  Or if the flowers will be in other parts of the room (gift & food tables or ?), then you could do something with larger candles as centerpieces.  Or if the floral centerpieces don't need votives, do something in another area with candles - get creative.  

    But do try to find out where the flowers will or won't be so you can plan your decorations better.  It will just help to narrow things down a bit.  For example, are there large windowsills that have room for decorations? 

    Go into a DIY craft store and ask for help, but DON'T mention it is for a Bridal shower, unless absolutely necessary.  Just say it is for an elegant luncheon.  You'll get more creative ideas than if they are just thinking shower.

    Good Luck!
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    Maybe table runners? They pack easily. Is there a need for table skirts?  Your paper lantern idea is good as long as the ceiling can accomodate them.  What about some kind of banner?
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