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Back from Vacation, with a Ring on my Hand!

I have not been here long, but as many of you know I was engaged but we were keeping it within only close family and friends until the ring came and he got in his "proposal".

Last weekend we went to his home town for his cousin's wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful one of the nicest I've been to. My daughter danced till she was so tired she could barely move.

The morning after his cousin's wedding he took me out to hike at his favorite nature preserve near his home town and gave me an unexpected but perfect proposal in the woods. He chose this spot because of my feelings that I am closest to god when I'm in nature. He also knows I absolutely love dragonflies, this preserve is filled with them! We went for a hike on a path that went through the woods and saw birds, dragonflies, caterpillars, turtle eggs, and lots of frogs. He led us down a dirt path off the main one into the woods and on our way back he sat me down on a log and told me to close my eyes and open my hands that he saw something he thought I'd like (note I'd been picking up pine cones, rocks, sniffing wild flowers, and taking photos this whole time). He placed in my hand a Jizai silver rhinosaurus beatle box, inside was the ring. When I pulled out the ring he took it and got down on one knee and proposed then asked my daughter's permission.  It was beautiful, and my daughter witnessed it sand her giving him her permission to marry me when he asked her which was very special. I couldnt have asked for a more perfect proposal than the one he gave.

The ring is a celestial compass cut purple sapphire set in a custom Krikawa Dragonfly setting. We chose this setting because we both love dragonflies, and it was one I'd loved for a while. Dragonflies also have a special meaning to me in particular since my grandmother died in 2006. Whenever I'm down I typically go for a walk or run if I see a dragonfly even if its a photo in a book I always find inner peace since her death. In away I feel its her way of looking over me, which he knew. Taking me to the preserve was his way of trying to incorporate her since she and I were so very close.

 The word has now been spread and we are excited to announce to all of our family and friends that we are getting married next October. I couldnt ask for a better more loving partner.

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Re: Back from Vacation, with a Ring on my Hand!

  • congrats!
  • The first photo is of the stone. This sapphire does not photo well because its an eye clean untreated Umba Sapphire. Almost all Umba sapphires are color change to some level. Inside this stone is Orchid with peach/pink flashes, outside its violet with green/blue flashes. The color you see in the photos is a combo of the two or in the shade.

    I know this ring is unusual and not everyone's cup of tea, but I love it. It has a lot of meaning to me. I was also very concious about ethical sourcing as well and Krikawa is very careful about that.
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  • Congratulations! Also, I think your ring is absolutely stunning! He did a fantastic job!
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  • I truly love the ring, OP.  And hats off to you for going the extra mile for ethical sourcing.  We did this also, and it took a lot of time and research to find the right supplier.  Congratulations on the engagement!
  • Congratulations! What a special, unique ring--it looks amazing!
  • In Response to Back from Vacation, with a Ring on my Hand!:

    I just had the same thing happen to me!  We knew we were planning on getting married, as did many of our friends and family.  What I did not know was WHEN he was planning on asking...apparently a lot of people we know were aware that he was planning on doing it during our vacation this week, though.  So we went out of town and he proposed two days ago!  I am excited!  We are also planning on an October wedding (as of now) for next year.

    Congratulations on your proposal as well! 

  • Avril we are october 2013 as well! I actually knew what setting, and the stone of the ring. We had a full color (green to amethyst) change umba before but the flaw in it was a full fracture. We had to choose a new stone. This setting is done custom to each stone. I requested the longer tapered wings from the older settings so they would look more realistic, cover the basket, and I like when they go over the stone. I also requested the eyes to be like the newer ones they'd done because I felt they were more realistic. When they did the cad drawings however I told FI I did not want to see them. I also told him to select the side diamonds himself, again the details and final cads I did not want to see. We selected the center stone together because color stones in particular can be very much a personal preference. In the end I knew the time frame of the ring, but also knew his presentation would be of his choosing.

    Thank you ladies for your kind words.
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  • Congratulations!! The ring is beautiful! I think getting an engagement ring that isn't your typica diamond is pretty darn neat!
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  • your ring is so beautiful and unique! I love that it has a special meaning :) congrats!
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