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Bathroom Basket Contents

Would you ladies mind sharing what you're putting in your Bathroom Baskets, if you're having any?

I'm considering whether or not to include some sort of pain reliever like advil. On one hand, people might need it with the heat/music/etc, but on the other hand I don't want to give people medications while they're drinking. 

Re: Bathroom Basket Contents

  • I've been to a wedding where they had a bunch of gum/mints/binaca (not sure how to spell that), and it was really handy as they served a garlic dish.

  • We're probably going to do the basics: perfume, hand lotion, tampons, bandaids, the wisp disposable toothbrushes, gum, advil (yes we will be providing it), bobby pins, safety pins, etc.
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    If you are worried about pain reliever and drinking don't provide tylenol.  Of course there will be no crazy side effects but tylenol is linked to liver damage...it's on the label.  You can do ibuprofen instead.
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  • doeie04doeie04 member
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    I think it is fine if you put pain reliever in them. People are adults and can decide for themselves. ;) What if someone isn't drinking and has a headache?
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