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Hi Knotties!

Am I the only one who is simply OUTRAGED by the price of getaway cars?? Its like $300+ for (in my case) a 10 minute drive! Anyone have a reasonable vendor recommendation that they can share? Thanks!!!

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    Sorry that I can't recommend a vendor to you.

    For our getaway car, we planned on putting on ad out on Craigslist to see if anyone would bite.
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    I don't have one either... but I am annoyed with the same thing!

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    Our hotel provides that service. Check and see if yours done too
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    I was thinking I might go to a local car show and see if I could find someone who might be interested.  I know our church has one every year so I was planning on walking around there.
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    Such good ideas, ladies! Thanks! I'm gonna reach out to the hotel and see what they say - that would be awesome! Nolebride08 - if you meet someone at the car show, please share the details! Thanks!!!
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    I was outraged by the same thing...I checked into limos for just the getaway and they were crazy expensive, but I guess thats the norm especially since its prom season.

    We're using my Fi's dad's 1967 canary yellow camero. I would suggest asking around and seeing if you know anyone who might know someone!
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    We are also outraged.  I think we are going to look into calling for a car service rather than renting a limo.  We use car services all the time at work to shuttle our CEO to and from the airport, so it's a nice towncar instead of a taxi.  Will be WAY cheaper than a limo, and nicer than a taxi.  Since our hotel is only 2 miles from our venue... it will work just fine for us!  Good luck and please do share if you find an affordable car option!
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    Fabulous idea apierce! I called our hotel (Georgian Terrace) and they're gonna pick us up! I had no idea that was one of their services. Thanks so much!!!
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    My brother [deployed to Afghanistan] arranged our "getaway car" through a member of an area classic car club, and the car comes with the driver :)
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