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Food and Cakes

Cupcake Flavors

I am using cupcakes instead of cake. I decided on fall flavors and am considering:

pumpkin with cream chs frosting
caramel apple
and maple spice

Do you believe everyone will be able to choose something they like, or should I go with one more traditional flavor?

Thank you!!

Re: Cupcake Flavors

  • PS. Other flavors I've considered include sweet potato and carrot cake.
  • Your original three sound delish. I would just add maybe a white cake with white frosting. That would cover basically everyone then. If you're going for the color display affect as well, you could always ask the baker to tint the white icing with a bit of orange or another coordinating color.
  • i agree with pp on having one traditional flavor...
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  • Agree with the idea to add one traditional flavor: white, vanilla or even chocolate with a plain frosting.  But this is coming from someone who isn't a fan of spice cakes; I would probably only want to try the carmel apple cupcake.  I think a non-fall flavor could still mix well and add variety.

  • Personally, I think your 3 flavors sound delish and would probably want one of each.  However, I agree with the PP about incorporating a "normal" flavor too.

    How about a chocolate cupcake with marshmallow frosting and some crushed graham crackers on top?  Kind of a fun play on a smores.  Still incorporates the fall(ish) theme, bu t is a little more mainstream in terms of flavor.
  • Great! Thank you for the advise! I will talk to the baker about adding a chocolate or vanilla and will probably take out the maple flavor.
  • I agree with adding a chocolate or vanilla, but I'd suggest keep the maple ... it's seasonal and sounds so yummy!
  • you could add a salted caramel mocha it seems to be considered a fall flavor & it leans toward a traditional flavor without being too basic
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