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New Jersey

Tips with Registry?

Doing my registry next week at BBB! Any tips on how to get thru it painlessly?! Haha...Thanks!

Re: Tips with Registry?

  • I think every BBB is different.  When I went, they had someone walk around with us and give us suggestions for items to register for.  At first I dreaded having someone walk around with us, but it was actually pretty helpful.  It took forever though - like 2.5-3 hours! Don't go on an empty stomach like we did.  We figured we would go before going out to dinner, not expecting it to take that long. We were starving by the time we got out of there. lol. 

    I know other people who registered at BBB and they were just given the scanner and had free roam of the store. 

    The good thing is, you can always edit the registry online afterwards, so if you don't feel like finishing it all in one day, you can do it from home.

    Good luck and have fun!!
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  • I went to the one in Totowa. We were given the scanner and allowed to shop/scan by ourselves, but we did receive help when needed from the person who set it up for us (two items did not scan, our scanner battery died, etc)

    If you need help, you can look up lists of items to register: 

    They suggested we register for about 375 items, and at the end of an hour, we had 50.  We stopped after the hour, and can either go back or add to it online.  You should go in having an idea of the types of items you need, but you can always edit or change it later.

    Your lifestyle will depend on the type of things you will choose.  If you like to entertain and have formal dinners, you will choose things like china and crysal and silver flatware.

    If you are are more relaxed, you won't need formal dinnerware.  

    There are a lot of items - go through the store quickly, scan what you think you could use, and make changes later.
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    BB&B stores can vary a lot depending on which location you go to. Try to choose the biggest store in your area. We went to the one in Paramus on Rt. 17 for the best selection as our more local store did not carry china.

    The consultant helped us in the beginning but got the hint easily that we could do the rest on our own and left us to ourselves to roam the store. While walking around if an employee saw that we had a registry gun they asked if we needed any help. When we said "no, we're fine, thank you," they let us go on our way.

    When we were done and handed in the scanner, the women at the registry desk looked over what we picked and suggested towels or bed linens, both of which we didn't need. We let her know and she dropped it quickly. It's their job to get to you register for a lot, so we were not offended by it. Overall, It was a fun and painless experience for both of us.

    I also liked the ease and convenience of editing and adding things later on their easy to use website. If anything was discontinued you would also get an email letting you know.
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  • I honestly did most of my BBB registering online.  I found the store so overwhelming!
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  • Like PP, I did a lot online bc I liked to look at the reviews for all of the kitchen appliances, etc. We went into the store after I had a lot on there already just bc I wanted to see the physical things and make sure I liked the look and whatnot. Having the reviews in front of me really helped. I went to the one in Bridgewater- the manager of the registry department was super helpful. She even pulled different place settings and set them up with different glasses and silverware so I could really get a feel for what it all looked like. It helped going in there on a weekday night instead of on a busy weekend. Good luck!

  • We also went to totowa but they wouldnt let us do it on our own...I think it's a good idea to go in there with an idea of what you want so that you can move along quickly, you can always add and remove items online.  Just beware that the lady that helped us tried to get us to pick all the most expensive stuff and she even scanned some things that we didnt ask for and later had to remove them
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  • We went to Totowa, too. The woman that helped us wouldn't let us do the scanning! She wasn't pushy and had some good suggestions, but she scanned in the wrong flatware and missed some of the things we really wanted. FI and I ended up doing a lot of registry revisions online.
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  • We also went to the one in Totowa.  When we were there, another couple came in and requested to walk around on their own, but they wouldn't let them.  I know someone that went to the Ramsey store and did it on their own.  I guess it depends on the store. 
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  • Thank you ladies! I have a pretty good idea of what to expect! For those who did their homework and researched reviews beforehand, would you mind sharing some of your top picks?!  I know, I know...I'm trying to get away with doing less homework! 
  • Don't let it stress you!! We were so excited to register, we registered at BBB and Macys. We went to the store to set up the registry and did a lot online. Went back to the store a few times. It's good to be in the store too since you can go section to section. Just take your time, you can always change things online, and  go back and forth to the store. Have fun with it!
  • We went to to the Staten Island one (it's the closest that has the fine dining/china department). We went on a Sunday, and the lady in the bridal department got us set up and let us go to roam. After about an hour, she found us and checked on us, then left us alone again. A few staff members did ask us if we needed any help (after wishing us a congrats and seeing us standing in one section deliberatiing for a while), which I did appreciate. When I had a minor freakout over dinnerware (I love the Noritake Colorwave but had a serious case of the guilts over the price), the lady came over, pointed out things that were similar, set up a whole table setting (with platters!) and helped bring me back from the "I'm a spoiled brat, this is too expensive" ledge). It was a great experience.

    EAT LUNCH FIRST! We were dying when we finished, and we crapped out pre-bathroom stuff. We ended up eating in the Applebee's next door and I forgot how much more expensive SI chain prices are, lol. It's more work than you  think!
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