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workout accountability Wednesday


My cold from yesterday got 1000 times worse....I'm home on the couch- missed my run yesterday and wont be going tonight either....yuck.
someone out there run a little extra for me.

food is below target because i just cant eat anything...soup broth it is!

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Re: workout accountability Wednesday

  • @souptin - Feel better! It'll probably take a while for your energy to get up enough to exercise, just take it easy as long as you need to :)

    Last night DH and I went on a bike ride down the white pine trail - we've been wanting to check it out and the weather was beautiful yesterday. Sadly we had to cut it a bit short because the sun was setting and it started to get cold quick. I get ear-aches in cold weather so the ride back was a lot less fun than the ride down.

    Gym for me tonight! My mantra today needs to be "weightlifting, weightlifting, weightlifting".
  • Feel better soon @souptin!

    Yesterday was good for me.  I stuck to my food intake and then FI and I went to the gym for a consult with a trainer.  The trainer was able to show me some good exercises that will help me tone and gain muscle.  He measured our body fat percentage and that was a little depressing.

    Tonight is Zumba class.  I am excited to go. I am more of a class person than in the actual gym.  When I am on the machines I get very self conscious.
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  • I guess I should start posting on these to help keep me motivated since I do lurk enough.

    Yesterday I got up and ran 2.25 miles and did upper body weight lifting. Last night I went to spin class and logged over 28 miles in just over 72 minutes, so I was really happy with yesterday.

    I'm on the spin class list for tonight, but I honestly don't think I want to go again. I might just leave work a few minutes early so I can feed my dog then just go workout in the gym instead. 
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  • Good morning!

    Today I am in a SUPER good mood because I have all of my assignments due this week DONE. Done done done. Praise baby Jesus!!

    I'm going to walk home from the LRT today after school provided these stupid blisters don't hurt! And as usual, I will keep my food on track. We're having baked sole fillets with a lemon-ginger sauce for dinner and beans, and I have my leftover chicken drumsticks and squash for lunch so things will be tasty AND healthy! Woot!

    I need to get back into weight lifting somehow. Maybe I'll do 2 pushups today. 3 tomorrow. Hmmm... I'm on to something here!
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  • Met FI at the gym last night and did 200 crunches and cardio for 35 minutes (13 running, 22 walking). I also kept to my WW points for the day and didn't eat any of my earned activity points.

    Tonight is our anniversary dinner, so I'm sure I'll have to work extra hard to not go overboard!
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  • I guess I should also jump on here.  I was working out about a month ago, then we went on a few weekend roadtrips, two of which had some degree of hiking involved.  I would hop into the gym here and there.  Then I just fell off.  This last weekend, we hiked, and on the way back, my muscles got sloppy, and I fell and kind of rolled my ankle, well, there goes three more days of no cardio.  I have to get in the gym really early since I have a potential to work early (I do hair 4 days a week, freelance photographer the rest of the week, with lots of overlap).  My FI and I make wine, so we go to a couple tastings a week, after work, and then that has potential to run late into the evening, too late to work out as I am trying to get to bed early to try it again.  
    I feel like my motivation is falling away.  My blog is lacking, my exercise- which makes my bad back feel worse.  My photography feels 'meh' to me.  Everything is meh.  And we are getting married in 8 months!  What a reality check.  Still nothing.  I am pretty bad about drinking enough water, and when I order Starbucks (or our local equivalent) I get a big green tea with one sugar packet.  My diet isn't so bad.  Processed food here and there.  I home make a lot of food for the week, but without my exercise... 
    I have this wierd notion that my week starts on Monday, and that's when I will try again.  When I don't have to be in super early, and I can kind of get my groove back in.  I was listening to my workout playlist on the ride home and was just shaking my head...  what is  my deal??   We snowboard too!  Our season (assuming we get a decent one this year) is coming up and I haven't even done anything about that, either.  You need to be fit for snowboarding.  Especially when I follow my crazy FI.  
    Which speaking of him, while he is the best man and I am so lucky to just be with him, he is a little overwieght, works a bit too much (like computer memory) and while he does do walking golf, and the occasional singletrack mountain bike ride, he will go with his buddies and eat and drink a signifigant amount of beer.  
    tl;dr?  I basically feel like I fell off my workout and get fit deal for several weeks now.  Lacking motivation even though we are getting married in 8 months.  
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: workout accountability Wednesday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Hi starrbunny, welcome to the board.  There are quite a few threads about lacking motivation that have some great suggestions to get you kickstarted again - you can do a board search at the bottom of the page to find some recent ones.  In the mean time, I'd recommend identifying one non-fitness, non-scale related thing to motivate you.  For me, it was pictures in my wedding dress - I knew I didn't want to look that way on my wedding day, and it was great motivation to get to the gym. Good luck as you dive back in, and stick around - these threads are a great way to stay accountable.
    Posted by kwitherington[/QUOTE]
    Thank you!  I found the newest motivation board, so I will peruse through that in my down times. :)
  • Made it to the gym this morning at 6:00 which was awesome! So excited that I said I would do it and did. Did 40 minutes of cardio (arc trainer & run/walk) but no strength training. Did another 15 minutes of cardio at lunch which was good. Last night for dinner we had a stir-fry which I think was decent calories wise. Today I've had a english muffin with reduced fat peanut butter. I recently learned (here) that the reduced fat isn't that good for you but I need to finish the jar! FI may just be getting some pb & j sandwiches too. I had a half of turkey wrap with cheddar cheese and onions for lunch and some kettle corn. I have sugar free jello for a snack and my mom is making fish for dinner.
  • @souptin - feel better. It's better to rest now than to push yourself too soon. We all have to take those icky sick days sometimes.

    I did - you guessed it - cardio last night. I'm getting so frustrated with my lack of time to get organized, but figure that the cardio is better than nothing. I need to get back into lifting again. I did other things for a while, but am missing it now, so I'd like to get back at it, but I haven't been able to even find the time to develop a routine (or even find my old logs and use them as a source).

    I'm trying to get away from processed foods wherever possible, but it's really hard, especially when kids prefer it! Last night, for example, I grilled pork loin and made a butternut squash au gratin casserole. Dd wouldn't even taste it, but would inhale a package of KD if I put that in front of her. And she was always a good eater - she tried new things and always ate fruits and veggies. But this last year she's totally changed, and it drives me crazy. So there are days when it isn't worth the fight. I'm struggling with balancing educating her about the things in her food and not being a nagging mom.
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  • edited September 2012
    Had to travel out of town for work today (just a quick day trip) but hoping I will be home in time to run tonight. Didn't get to swimming last night, originally because of professional society meeting, but scrapped that too, when we found out we had a last minute out of town guest coming tonight. Does cleaning the spare bedroom count as exercise, lol? 

    Stayed on track with food today though, which I'm impressed with myself. The client likes to go out to lunch, and order every deep fried appetizer on the menu. Resisted today :)
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  • @souptin feel better soon
    @starbunny welcome to the board. Accountability helps to motivate for me. So, glad you are here.

    For me the first two days of the week went well with food, but not so much with exercise. Will be hitting the gym today though for the challenges at Bridalicious and for cardio.
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  • Hey all. I've been on point all week, class every morning and 2 out of 3 days of c25k. Tomorrow is a rest day because I have to be at work very early. H was feeling a bit off a few days ago and came to find out he is in the first mild stage of diastolic hypertension. He's keeping a log of blood pressure for a week and then we are going to see the doctor I used to work for, who is a cardiologist. His bottom number was just above the risk line so we are thinking some lifestyle changes for him are in order and will help bring it back to normal. So I'm going to dive into some healthy recipes for us. We never really eat at the same time and I've been on my eating regimen for awhile now so this could be tricky for me, I've never really made meals for us before.
  • hi all!

    so i've been posting late recently, and tonight i seem more tired than usual so i'll keep it short.  today was probably a wash.  i took a 3 mile wallk and went to a pilates class after work.  food was ok, passed up on some delicious but really bad for me pizza, so that was a win!

    have a great night everyone!
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