Budget-friendly, creative favors?

Any fun, useful, creative, cheap ideas for favors?
On second thought, are favors even necessary anymore??

Re: Budget-friendly, creative favors?

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    i've been to many weddings where they've skipped actual favors and opted for giving that alotted money to charity. My favor to my guests is a candy buffet and bags to fill up to their hearts desire!
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    Great idea! I've seen that a lot recently and think it is definitely a top notch suggestion. Thanks so much for reminding me!

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    Were doing a photobooth. We weren't going to do favors but my fh loved the idea of a photobooth so that's what were doing! Honestly though, I wouldn't mind going to a wedding that didn't have favors. Sometimes they are a waste. What about a cute (small) card at each place that says thank you? You can go to archivers and buy pretty paper and print them at home...
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    I know the candy isn't very expensive. Walmart sells candy based on wedding colors for very cheap and you can buy it online as well. I know a few people that did the candy themselves as well and dipped pretzels and had wedding mints and other items. You could probably do that very inexpensively. Also if you are doing cupcakes people have gotten little boxes so that the left overs can be taken home as their favor.


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    In leu of traditional wedding favors, we are picking 3 charities and are donating on behalf of our wedding guests!
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    Another vote for the candy buffet! My Mom found these little bags that are shaped like little wedding dresses and tuxes at the dollar tree (she really does think they're sooo much cuter than they are. But it makes her happy to use them. haha. She's cute). We've just been stocking up on candy within the last 3 months as we see it on sale/have coupons. The candy store in the old market is a good option as well (that's the cheapest place to get the m&ms/jelly beans in your colors. We've priced it out). Then my mom has just been stocking some thrift stores and she found 6 or 7 candy jars with lids, we cleaned them up, spray painted the lids red to match my wedding colors, and voila. They look great! =]
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    we put out dollar scratch off cards and a penny.  On a little card we wrote "Lucky in love"

    We also had Hershey Kisses and put on the card Hugs and Kisses from the mr and Mrs.
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    My Fi parents make and bottle their own wine.  So we are giving out wine bottles at the reception- 1 to each family.  It's pretty inexpensive other than the supplies to make the wine and the time involved but they have wine waiting to be bottled- about 100 bottles worth! We wil just have to design our own labels and bottle the wine, etc.

    Know anyone who does home brewing? Could be fun!
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