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August 2012 Weddings

Last day at work....so close...so excited!!!

Today is my last day at work until I"m back from the honeymoon!!!! And its only a half day! Then a couple of my bridesmaids and I are getting our nails done! I have had a lot of little things to do but this week has been so much fun, and I can't believe how relaxed I am! Even my mom keeps telling me she's shocked at how calm I am ( I am super type A and anal about everything haha!).

Anyway I can't believe we have two days left August 18 Brides!!!! I'm so excited for all the August ladies!!! I hope you are all enjoying every minute and ignoring all the annoying things people say and do! Congratulations again ladies! :)

Re: Last day at work....so close...so excited!!!

  • Congratulations to you, too!  I've been doing the "checks" on my list for the last three days. And for some reason, I'm always thinking it's a day ahead.  I got up this morning and had to tell myself "this is NOT Friday. The wedding is NOT tomorrow". I have a ton of "to-do" items on Friday (well, today as well actually!) -- and I just want that part to be over and for it to be Saturday!

    And I'm trying my best to ignore the annoying people Wink

    Good luck with all your plans - and congrats once again!
  • Its my last day of work too then Im off 3 days! I can't believe tomorrow is my wedding OMIGOSH!!
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  • I am here for at least a half day and then off to go help set-up! Tomorrow is more set-up and manicures and pedicure. So excited!
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