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How long?

When waiting for an estimate how long do you think it's appropriate to expect a response? I met with a florist almost 2 weeks ago, tomorrow will be 2 weeks, and I still haven't heard anything back. I'm getting really annoyed. I know that part of the reason could be because it's her at home job (she's retired and does it on the side) and needs to get a reply from a wholesaler, but I work in a wholesaler company and we get back with prices to clients the same day. I'm getting really annoyed, to the point where I'm starting to work on a plan B for flowers.
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Re: How long?

  • I have not done flowers yet but most everyone else replies back within 1-3 days. Having that be said I know it is a little different because she is retired and needs to speak with a whole saler etc. I would probably give it 2-3 more days and then give her a call. If she continually is slow, not someone that I would want helping put together my wedding day flowers :) Have a great Thursday!
  • We had this exact situation a little while ago and ended dropping the florist and booking a new one. It was all too slow and it was starting to piss me off, so that was it for us. 
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    Vendors have usually gotten back to me super quick, the longest being 2 days. I'd move on and find someone else. There are still so many vendors out there that don't understand that brides expect quick responses.

    ETA: You'd also think that she'd want your business, and part of building a relationship with you is getting back to you in a timely manner.
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  • I met with a florist and it took him 3 weeks to get back to me with an estimate.  Maybe its a florist thing?
  • I guess i'd wait just a few more days. It's a busy time of year for florists, ie Easter and now mothers day is coming up. Then if they don't get back to you after that follow up email, you got your answer to move on.
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  • I wouldn't wait.  As a person who runs their own business and who comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, I can say that good businesses respond to their clients immediately.  I am available to my clients 24/7.  Any business that is this unresponsive, will not be reliable in the future.

    My FSIL waited three weeks for a photographer to give her a contract.  Honestly, I wouldn't have waited.  She keeps excusing it by saying that they are artists and flakey.  I am artist, but I can be organized and responsive.  Makes me feel like there will be problems with that photographer during the wedding.

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