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Men's attire question

We have been going back and forth on this topic and I'm not really sure what to do. All of the weddings I've ever been to have had the groom in a tux, but that's not the direction we want to take our wedding.

We're having an outdoor wedding (obviously) at a friend's house. I'm buying a dress from David's Bridal out of their "reception dress" section. Nothing too fancy but uber cute. Which would look better on my FH: suit or dress shirt, tie, and dress slacks? How do I make him look different from his best man? I'm envisioning a white dress shirt with a royal blue tie. I'm not entirely sold on the idea of a royal blue shirt with a white tie for his best man, so now I'm confused.

Sorry for rambling. Our wedding has been pushed up by 5 months due to my FH going into the Navy at the end of the year. So now we're kinda rushing around figuring things out...
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Re: Men's attire question

  • You could have the Groom wear a different colored tie than the GM, that would be the most obvious way.  Plus, most people will know he's the Groom because he'll be the one getting married at the ceremony!
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  • We had a pretty casual wedding as well and we had all o four men in dress shirt, slacks, and a tie. The groom wore a blue shirt, while the best man wore a dark purple shirt (to match the MOH's dress) and groomsmen wore lavender shirts (to match the BM's dresses). The groom wore a blue tie and all the GM's (including BM) wore a lavender tie; all ties had the same pattern on them. The look was EXACTLY what I wanted and suited our style perfectly. 

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  • To make my DH stand out, we bought a striped tie for him whereas the groomsmen wore solid colored ties. Also we gave him a different colored bout then the groomsmen.
  • I've been semi-struggling with this topic as well. Recently, I looked at men's dress slacks, etc and I think I've come up with a plan. My DH will wear dark beige dress slacks, and a white shirt with Green tie. Groomsmen will wear same slacks with a lighter beige shirt with same green tie.
    In my opinion, it's too hot for suits, and being outdoors, tuxes were out right off. However, my biggest dilemma I'm having now is that my mom is convinced the groom should wear a suit. Bleh. My dad is wearing a suit, and so I'm having a hard time with my DH not even being as dressed up as my dad! I guess I'll probably add a suit jacket to the grooms outfit.. lol. We'll see.
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