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  • We are using them for our wedding in September.  We had a tasting and their cake is amazing.  They also do all sorts of little desserts.  The girls there are very nice and will do just about anything you want.  You should definitely call them!  I believe they are listed under Sarah's Cake Stop.
  • Their cakes, and cupcakes, are really really good. My friend is a baker there so we get to try a lot of thier cakes. Definitely worth trying!

  • I tried both Sarah's and McArthurs cakes when I was trying to decide.  Personally I liked McArthurs better.  Sarah's Bakery had some flavors that were good, but I thought that the cakes were a little dry.  Ours were refrigerated though because my mom picked up the samples earlier in the day.  Hope you get things figured out!
  • I love Sarah's!! :)
  • Sarah's is amazing. We got my sister's sweet 16 birthday cake there and it was amazing! Plus i'm always trying to get to the food truck to get their cupcakes! Best cupcakes ever!
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