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Hi there-- Is there anyone out there that has either had their wedding photos taken, will be getting wedding photos taken, or know someone who has/will in the Hartford City Hall atrium??  All I keep getting is forms to fill out and I've been told we need to add a 300,000 Personal Liability limit onto our homeowner's insurance policy.... but all I'm looking for is an estimate or range as to what that might amount to before I go through all the trouble to get it added on. 

I've seen BEAUTIFUL pictures in there but just want to know how it'll affect my budget... If anyone has ANY idea what this might cost please let me know!!  TIA!


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    Hi!!  I am having pictures taken at Hartford City Hall in January!  My photographer has the insurance thing covered and she did all the paperwork for me :)  Check with your photographer to see if he/she can cover this for you.  Usually it is part of their professional insurance and they can cover this for you!
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    Thank you so much! Very good to know... Unfortunately I haven't looked into photographers yet (wedding is March 31 2012) but will start contacting some soon.  It would be awesome of we didn't have to worry about adding this to our insurance..

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    I'm getting married in City Hall this Sunday..they didn't require us to get liability insurance, no did we need to pay the fire marshall. In all we paid 500..or maybe it was 550 to rent the space for the day. Had difficulty getting in touch with Kejuan, the special event coordinator and am really not thrilled with him right now. Tonight's my rehearsal where we'll determine which way to set up the chairs. The logical way leaves us with a pretty horrible giant piece of artwork (complete with KKK and skulls..I'm not joking) but the other way (facing the front door, which is beautiful, isn't very user friendly. It is a beautiful space, but will let you know how it works logistically. God willing it all comes together.
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    Oh for good views, check out and search for "city hall", she's a photographer that's done many locations around hartford and you can see some beautiful pictures of the atrium.
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    I am familiar with that lovely bit of artwork (ceremony and pics in August 2012) and Mr. Kejuan assured us it would be gone before then...I guess it's still there! 
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