Getting married at Ecola State Park?

Hi everyone! I just got engaged 10 days ago, and am just starting to look into this whole wedding thing, and holy smokes I'm lost! We were thinking about doing a beach style wedding, and we both really like Ecola State Park. Rather doing it on the beach itself, we were thinking about doing it on the bluff overlooking the beach. Has anyone done something similar? Is it even feasible? What do I need to know? Like I said, I'm lost LOL Our wedding is going to be on Aug 22, 2011 which is on a Monday, so there'll be less people there, which is a plus and it's the drier season so I'm hoping rain will stay away, I can't remember if there's a shelter there or not, it's been a couple months since I was last there.

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    Well, I would not hesitate to say that there will be just as many people there on a Sunday as there would be any other day of the week during the summer.  You are looking into holding your event in one of the most beautiful parks right next to one of the busiest towns on the Oregon coast during the busiest time of year.  No matter what, there WILL be people.  Especially surfers and hikers.  For example, we went hiking a couple of weeks ago when the weather was nasty, wet, cold and windy... and we went to the least popular section of the park.  The place was packed and all of the parking spots taken.

    If you want to have your wedding ceremony in this park, I would highly recommend making it a very small, family event and hosting your reception elsewhere.  It really is a gorgeous area but I think it would be unrealistic to fib and say that the area will not be crowded any day of the week that time of year.

    Before becoming absolutely set on having your wedding here, definitely come out and take a look at all the possible areas in the park, and if possible, come on a Sunday during the summer for a picnic and try to spend as much time there as your event would take.

    You should also take a look at the the Oregon State Park website:

    I know that just starting out is intimidating and can be stressful, but just remember to take a deep breath and a break for a little bit when you become flustered.  I just went through what you're going through (still am actually) and we do not have a date yet because we have not found a suitable venue(s) for what we need.  Ecola State Park WAS one of the places we looked into hosting our events at but due to it's popularity and the park being a place open to the public no matter what, it was not feasible for us.

    If you like lighthouses though, and don't mind going across the river to Washington, Cape Disappointment  has an area worth checking out called the North Head Light House.  There are also three houses that can be rented out for events there too.  It has gorgeous views of the coastline and foliage for pictures, the Lewis & Clark Interpretive center and the North Head Light House (NOT the Cape Disappointment Light House) is mostly ADA accessibly.  The path to the light house is gravel and I do not actually know how difficult it would be for some ADA people to get to the light house, but for hiking, it's almost entirely level ground and a really easy stroll.

    If you are absolutely set on being married ON the beach, Cannon Beach is still a lovely area but may be crowded, or you can try Gearheart.  Neacoxie Creek is a cute venue too if you like the barn/country look.
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      I too am getting married in the Cannon Beach area.  If that is what you want, go for it.  This is YOUR day.  We picked the beach at Cannon Beach as it was just so beautiful.  So what if there are people.  You will be there for 20 minutes tops!  So if that is what you want  then have it.  We are having a small wedding, only 30.  But, if you have big one,100 and need chairs and stuff.  You have to get a permit.  That is $175.  There are a few hotels that will help you with that.  It just wasn't what I wanted.
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