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Fiance Help (Long)

How do I explain to him the point of a registry?  He really doesn't get it and I've tried everything and can't think of another way to explain it and he doesn't understand.  He's of the opinion that a lot of the stuff that I'm looking at for our registry is pointless and we should just buy most of what we need for ourselves.  We just bought a house so we're going to need a lot of stuff so I believe it's necessary but he doesn't.

I've tried telling him that it will save us money.  That it's polite to offer people an option of giving a gift and inpolite to ask for money.  Some of the stuff that I'm asking for he thinks are pointless and I shouldn't be asking for (like 5 different size pots) and wants to know why I need to ask for those.  With that I've tried the response that no I might not really need it every day but I want it for those one or two times a year that it's necessary.  He doesn't like that either.

Any suggestions?  His mom's tried too and it still doesn't work.  Her approach was asking him where he thinks all this stuff comes from.  He responded with, "Buy it when we need it."
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Re: Fiance Help (Long)

  • try telling him that things like pans and plate sets are things you two will use daily, and that it all does add up to a lot.  im sure you have already tried that, sorry.  i got mine into it a little by mentioning things he would like, like maybe that new coffee maker, and bar sets.

    lure him into the dark side ;)
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